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So free fall into the night storm, face your demons tonight;

Posted on July 30, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

Harley was certainly a woman who made an entrance. Apparently being under the wire in the nest of vampires that would surely rip her into ribbon with their bare hands hardly seemed to hinder her all the same. Yet it did little to tame the adrenaline that coursed through her veins, that high she rode on since being successful in her task of installing that virus. She was but a breath away of being caught, yes, but the important take away here was she was here now, alive and well. Sounds like a success so far, the farfetched plan was moving along, as seamlessly as it could. That easy laughter easily spilling from her lips as she leaned against the firm wall borrowed for support. The blaring music managed to permeate through the supposed thick soundproofed walls which encased them safely in this office. Matteo's own chuckle seemed to entwine with her own, feeding off her mad case of the giggle. It would appear they still had work to do, so the sense of victory would have to wait. She sipped that air in that oppressive, windowless gothed out office belonging to the she-devil herself, knowing that she did not linger far. That thought alone was enough to suck the wind out of her sails despite that easy sarcasm came to her, iconic to the spitfire as always. It was easy to direct that playful edge at the French fae, calling him out on those choice of songs. As always, he hardly missed a step. His response holding that impish reveal to his very impressive plans.

"That right there is the whipped cream on my hot chocolate." She had to admit the pleasure she took imagining the surprise on even the patrons faces when their dark grating music was replaced with happy-go-lucky tunes. But even she had to admit, much against her own tastes, they got annoyingly stuck in your head like superglue. Harley so tried to bite that giggle but ultimately failed, especially with the promise of the mayhem that lingered in their wake.

That amusing notion that Risque had thrown some poor unsuspecting victim at the speakers in an attempts to subdue the noise, was only the cherry on top. It was quite clear, Risque's resolve finally snapped beneath the pressure of the frenchman's plan, in less time than even expected. Now she could hardly help that sudden query if it was Darcy who was the victim to that venomous temper. How that woman was able to do anything in those heels, even as a vampire was nothing short of some kind of worldly wonder. Harley nodded her head in response easily to continue the phase 2 of their plan, hell she had already made it this far. "Sign me up. My schedule is clear." She responded easily, taking back control of her life in the form of revenge maybe wasn't the healthiest option, but damn it felt good. If anyone deserved being knocked down a few pegs, it was certainly the hell queen, Darcy and her subjects.

After a rather sheepish look upon his face, their laughter still clung to the air of that dismal office their attention drew toward that desk. The desire to use Harley's admittedly unpredictable power upon that lock. How she hoped it didn't fail her now, that creeping doubt she felt in her recently awakened power still lingering as she simply pushed it away. She would be damned if she didn't try, at the very least. That challenge he offered was enough to rile her further, the dark shadows of memories that had encroached had been pushed back by that torch of determination once more. A scoff fell from her lips, her face turned into one of resolve. "That... is where I draw the line.. Glory hog.. Besides, don't you know, sharing is caring." In other words, challenge accepted. She so strode toward that desk then with purpose, brushing lightly against him with her chin tipped upwards in that classic display of confidence. That act altogether playful as she turned to face her true opponent, that lock. Harley vs. lock. She studied it carefully, sensed it with her powers, felt the mechanics behind it beyond the wood. It was then that Matteo so settled behind her, a distraction to the silver chain wall that seemed to catch her line of sight. Now was not the time to allow those memories to destroy her, she so fought that internal battle. But it was the warmth of the French fae that had swept her away, his guiding hand entwining within her own, this close, he was the most distracting thing in this room. But she attempted to look beyond that, fighting passed to what she could have relished in if time was not pressing heavily upon them. How much time did they have?

While distracting as he was, she hardly wanted to give up feel of him as he offered her space to work. Perhaps it was for the better, if she was going to get any progress done. It was after a few moments she was able to fully focus upon that task, that strange newness of her affinity leaking into that very lock. She was met with the celebratory click as it successfully unlocked. Something akin to pride swelled within her, met with those words of praise she could have preened her very feathers with. That look almost took a life of smugness as she allowed him space to pilfer that desired keycard, those cheeky toying french words uttered in response. "Unfair." She declared, followed by a rather pointed look that could have been intimidating to a lesser man.

With the stage set and key in hand, the woman cast that harmless little pelican a final glance, a toy that would surely cause far more problems than it should have. Vampires and their quirks. She thought. How she wished she could be here to see Risque's own mental turmoil to befall her. How well Matteo seemed to know the vampire and her unmistakable unique personality traits. Quirks formed from simply being alive for an unnatural length of time and undoubtedly living a life in darkness. A vile creature wandering the earth, spreading her torment and taking what she pleased, it was no wonder the woman... was so paranoid. It was Matteo's reply to having known that hellish vampire queen that prompted a curious look within Harley's eye. Their gazes locked for a moment, some understanding passing between them along with the throng of burning questions that followed. "Now that is one story I want to hear." Harley studied him slightly as though seeing him slightly different. Surely, it was merely being wronged by her in some way. How she wished to look inside his head. Even still, it wasn't likely she could make sense of 2000 years worth of memories intricately dwelling within the ancient fae's mind. There was no time to ask the questions that were apparently destined to be left unanswered, at least for now, but certainly not forgotten. It was frustrating how the fae could answer a question with prompting far more insatiable questions than Harley could handle.

However, it did keep her mind company as they moved silently through the narrow suffocating labyrinth of Syn... going further into the belly of the beast, making escape for her less and less likely. The shadows untouched by light seemed to appear more ominous, as though they threatened to grab her, to keep her prisoner here. How fitting, that thought was. Because wasn't that exactly what she was? A prisoner, a slave to those vampires that decided they owned her. She mulled over those complicated thoughts, along with the missing link between Matteo and Risque herself. It only seemed to create more questions rather than answers. She hardly wanted to be caught in such a confined, dimly lit space like this, leading to many doors and who knows what else. These hallways seemed an endless, spiraling maze... Her mind hardly quieted, nor did the blaring music that blasted through the club, which seemed dull the deeper they went. Harley kept close, as Matteo had suggested.. Perhaps a little too close, to the fact she nearly stumbled into him when he stopped suddenly to open that room, another prison within a prison. How, delightfully... vampire chic. Only this one, she was entirely familiar with. How that panther within her near recoils at the sight of those cages, a growl threatening to ripple from within her throat as she entered. She hated this place, staring into the eyes of the hopeless only solidifying that. This room smelled of dying, if one could describe that. Despair punched gaping holes through that veritable dungeon. It didn't matter how large those cages were.. or if there were naturalistic enclosures for those more favoured pets. It didn't matter what they did, a cage was still a cage. Home sweet home, she thought bitterly. How many nights would she spend down here? Would she die down here? Yet another soul lost in the embrace of the forgotten.

That sarcasm so easily spilled from her lips blocking her true emotions. Emotions that hardly had any use to the here and now. Now, they had a one up against the vicious woman. Now, they were taking something from her. If that wasn't enough to empower a woman she didn't know what else would. Yet there was a certain rawness still clinging to her. It was that singular question that had her raise a brow at him. Inquiring about the food. Well let's put it this way, it probably didn't come close to that gourmet soup he concocted, or the soft moist cake that was enough to make her mouth water just thinking of. She was almost thankful she didn't have to eat that high sodium, slop they served and called it nutrition. Now, Harley was certainly not a nutritional guru by any means and there were some nights she was happy to fill her belly with a greasy burger and...... a gift to this planet.... Pizza and call it dinner. What she would give for some pizza right now. "I honestly can't say what is worse, the tv dinner thanksgiving meal or the nasty looking dried out meat they serve up. Apparently, its been thanksgiving here for a fucking month straight for some of these people stuck down here. I was starving and the food still didn't look appealing. Apparently, the dessert portion in that meal tray... is kind of a big deal down here. But really, all it looks like.. is lumpy, syrupy, goo.." She wrinkled her nose all the same, not bothering to lower her voice. "Apparently this is what happens when vampires who don't need to eat... feed you.. I am positive prison food is probably better than this." She gestured to the empty tray. Noticing some of the peas and carrots remained untouched.

She watched her companion seem to eye those empty abandoned trays, Harley moving toward one to toe, before firmly kicking it away. As Matteo focused on his task opening those cages, Harley moved toward that heavy beast of a solid door, her eyes intent on that task at hand. It led to the outside. She focused on only that door, along with listening to her surroundings, as if anticipating their little party to be crashed in any given instant. Fortunately, they were lucky. In but mere moments, there was a outbreak of activity as those human prisoners escaped their enclosures. Those cats shifting near anxiously, rising to their feet, eyes expectant, curious even of the sudden change. Matteo's focus seemed to be on those feeders. Some of them seemed too sick to even notice his presence. To even care until those cages were wide open. While some still seemed very much alive, despite how sickly pale they appeared. It wasn't long for that hope to infiltrate within that jail, like a wave of fresh air, something this dark vile basement needed. True hope. It was hardly enough... but it would have to be for them and their shattered spirits. That song could be heard, Matteo decidedly was the hero that each one of those people needed.. now more than ever. He probably hand picked those songs to play perfectly as the soundtrack to their mission.

In that moment, she placed that aside, honing her powers, siphoned into the door's lock. All those unresolved tumultuous emotions fueled into that very act alone. It worked, perhaps too well. As a loud bang shot the lock clean off the door itself like a mighty force punched a hole where the lock should have been. The raven-haired woman seemed rather taken aback by that oomph behind her powers, Matteo moving easily toward her side then, probably alerted from that betraying noise of that force. He seemed to eye her handy work with a look of amusement. His comment, however, took on a little bit of a cryptic undertone. Just what that meant she was hardly sure, nor was it the place to think on it in detail, unfortunately.

"Maybe just a little too much punch for this given task." She rose her right hand upward around eye level, her thumb and pointer finger emphasizing that point. She could hardly help that slight guilty grin that curled upon her lips. "But.. hey, it worked... I've got magic in my veins." That admittance uttered, yet a certain curiosity seizing her.

Those feeders clustered and rallied together, some helping each other to accumulate toward where Harley and Matteo stood. Their unsung hooded heros, here to save the day remained. Harley was careful of the details she spilled to them.. purposely calling Darius the minivan. As though a horse being a detail used to identify them somehow. Regardless, Matteo seemed to catch on to her carefully placed insinuations. Her attempt to be discreet was all in vain, those plans to maintain anonymity intact already. Just how long did it take to come up with these plans anyways? Days? Weeks? Months? Just how far into the future did he peek?

That declaration that the minivan would be arriving shortly caused a snort of amusement to escape her, while those people seemed just as confused anyone would have been by the crafty fae's plans. In an instant, the black stallion suddenly appeared as if on cue and she had to admit, he was a sight to behold. The now freed prisoners yelped in surprise, leaning back in unison at this unusual magical pony, as if expecting an assault, only calming with some slight assurances and the horses calm demeanor. However, it hardly stopped the felines in those cages from eying Darius like he were a delicious sirloin steak. Probably the most delicious thing they had feasted their eyes on in captivity, some of the closer located ones licking their chops hungrily. If Darius was at all nervous at being in a room full of big cats and a crowd of prisoners, well he didn't show it. Darius' gaze locked with her own for a moment, an ounce of curiousity lingering briefly in the dark cognizant gaze of the stallion.

It was Matteo's words that seemed to shatter that brief connection, directing the hoard of people, giving order into a room flooded with chaos. Of course, you didn't need to ride him in order to teleport. That distinct recognition had the woman slightly shaking her head softly. Harley allowed the people wide birth, leaning against the wall, giving both horse and people their space. It was that mention of calling Darius a mini-van however, that brought forth a near guilty grin as Darius pins his ears flat against his skull. Apparently the stallion hardly liked being called a.... a soccer mom vehicle. It was like he immediately pinpointed the culprit of that newfound nickname, and he was none to pleased. She instantly raised her shoulders and hands in a seemingly helpless shrug, her face feigning innocence but her eyes and something concealed within her smile told an entirely different story. The woman apparently failing entirely at a poker face at all. In several moments, the feeders, did as they were directed. Their movements nervous, fearful and yet trusting of the fairy and her. How that nervousness, seemed to call to something predatory inside of her. An emotion she was quick to shove down.... As surprising as it was. In a flash of a moment, that teleportation overtook the savior warhorse and his evacuees, the room suddenly quiet without that nervous energy prickling the air.. it almost felt quiet without them. "I don't think Darius appreciated being called a mini-van, although, there could be far worse things to be called... he seems a tad on the sensitive side." She rose her hand, as though emphasizing that there were some things that simply could not be helped.

The felines seemed to move restlessly in their cages as if anticipating their own jailbreak, that wild anticipation mirroring in their eyes. Some began to pace back and forth, some even being vocal about it. She straightened, peeling away from that wall, Harley's attention falling upon her partner in crime once more. "Why am I not surprised that I didn't need to cling for my life on horseback." She could hardly prevent that slight silent chuckle from escaping her all the same. She should have known better and yet... she hardly regretted it. The rest of his plan spoke with a surety, followed by a simple question. "Sweetheart, I am ready for anything." One thing she didn't say, but confirmed within her own mind. There was no way she was going to leave him, should he not return. Surely, he knew this. So hopefully he would save her by getting his fairy self-back here in one piece. She crossed her arms stubbornly within her silent defiance. She wasn't going to run away while he got ripped apart by monsters. She then unfolded her arms to toy with the card entrusted within her hands, pivoting her head to gaze around the room before noticing where that master control panel. Matteo moved swiftly to show Harley where that panel was before disappearing without another word. Why did all of his plans have to involve nearly getting caught? She began to wonder if her fairy partner enjoyed flirting with death. She supposed, what else was there for an immortal? And so she waited.. painfully long moments for that power to go out, that darkness near startling, despite being anticipated. The generators were quick to kick on, while singing softly to herself. 'Who let the cats out?' That was when her moment came and she pressed the keycard firmly to that panel, simultaneously, those cages unlocked, swinging open to let the cats free. She nearly jumped out of her skin as Matteo suddenly appeared next to her.. The recognition caused a smile to spread across her lips, eyes quickly scanning him as if looking for any sign of injury. Once again, the fae remained unscathed.

"It looks like I didn't have to save you after all." Even though that easy sarcasm found her, relief pummeled into her all at once, those eyes betraying the warm wash of it. Darius soon appeared not even a moment later, that music still blasting strong. "Aw don't we make the picture perfect postcard.." She couldn't help the tease, her gaze shifting to either one of them. They might just pull this off yet. The cats began to move outside of their cages, curiously and cautiously meandering outside of them timidly as if expecting to be chastised. She was pretty sure she could say boo and they would have scattered. Deciding that wasn't kind, she kept that to herself.

The raven-haired woman nodded her head, using that opportunity to use her affinity once more. She pushed firmly at the metal door with surprising force, perhaps less than what she had used on that lock. That action and sound alone catching the feline's attention. Matteo was quick to haul himself into the saddle with exceptional speed and dexterity, hauling her up into that now familiar place behind him. She wrapped her arms around him once more, expecting the same lurching as before. Only this time, the trio appeared upon that nearby rooftop, affording them a perfect view of Syn. Dawn was imminent, given away by the golden rays that just barely lined the horizon. The music could be heard even louder now, flooding the western side of town. That laughter bloomed from her once more, she should have borrowed a small cat to lift over the edge. She had to give the man credit, he had a wicked sense of humour. Matteo slid off from the saddle offering her a hand which she took, sliding off easily from the warhorses back.

Once upon the ground he offers her the translation of that African song, belonging to a beloved Disney movie. "I have to agree with you there, including the part of the lion... You know what Teo, you have a lion heart. While also maybe possessing some Rafiki attributes.. " she teased, that mischievous look setting her violet eyes alight, poking him in the chest approximately where his heart lingered beneath that jacket. Then there was a sound, a commotion on Syn's rooftop that drew away her gaze away, to the visual feast awaiting her.

"Oh my god, just when I thought it couldn't get any better.. a birds eye view of the circus." Matteo was its secret ringleader. Watching those vampires scramble about the rooftop was akin to watching a damn cartoon. Harley couldn't help the way she shook with laughter, she could see the stress, the desperation that clung to those blood suckers to shut off the blasted power. To save their sensitive ears from an undoubtable pounding headache. Harley did her best to hold back the sound of that laughter, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. It was almost too much watching them scramble, Risque nearly tossing one of her vampires off the roof to get to the generator herself. Apparently, someone was moving too slow to the malicious queen's liking. If only she looked down to see that her cats were escaping, seeping out of that door like Syn itself had sprung a leak of cats that all but hemorrhaged from the building!

Watching those felines break free was undoubtedly a rewarding sight. A large magnificent lion leaping agilely onto one of Risque's fancy Lykan hyper sportscars. She could hear that rewarding and yet painful crunch sound from up above. Harley couldn't help but cringe. "Ouch. That looked expensive." She hissed in that faux pain, that sarcasm dancing from her lips over the sound of the melody.

The sun began to rise barely brushing the horizon, that warm golden light threatening to spill across the entire city, in rich reds and dazzling oranges. It was like fire... it would soon envelop the entire sky within the next hour or less. The vampires better get a move on or they were going to get crispy. Harley looked to her companion to the empty streets below, save for the fleeing cats melting into the west. It was a rewarding sight, she couldn't deny that. For but a moment in time, that vampire was finally getting a taste of suffering she inflicted. Harley could not help but feel that amusement, that sweet relief escaping her in the form a gentle sigh, expelling any lingering negativity. The vampires retreated back into the safety of that sunless hell, armoured with blackout curtains and solid steel blinds. She felt Matteo moving closer, placing an arm around her, that action surprising to her and yet after the days she had that touch was distinctly comforting. She seemed to lean into his presence. For but a moment, she was content from stealing a sliver of comfort in him as they watched those remaining cats take their freedom. The aftermath of the wreckage they have made. She couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be them.. to have a chance to truly free, but if she were, she wouldn't be here, enjoying the sweet enjoyment of this elaborate revenge plan. Truly, a kindness, in comparison to what they have done, but it was a start. She allowed her head to rest against the dark-haired fairy briefly. "Worth it.." Harley uttered softly, her brilliant eyes looking off into the city streets and those retreating felines with a certain cathartic weight being lifted.

His accented words met her once more, his voice soothing, warm like the promise of dawn. "I think it has to be... my favourite so far. It finally feels like I've done some right in the world." She swore she heard Risque's voice rattle the cement. Victory never sounded so sweet. Harley acknowledged that angry sound of her enemy with a laugh she didn't bother stifling. That plan was soon revealed, the true dessert to the main course, if he could pull it off.

Harley, plucked the keycard from the Blue Moon jacket pocket in a simple enough movement, the concern bloomed on her face hardly fading. She extended her hand to offer him. "Your cutting it awfully close. How do you know for certain she's not about to jump into some fluffy jamjams and call in for an early night?" Yet, as he had proven, he seemed to be the king of timing. Manipulating it just so to slip away unscathed, surely teleportation surely made that all the easier to execute such carefully execute plans. It would have been a lie to say his plan made her anxious.

The lamp, the cause of such mutinous outcry. Harley soon grinned at the recognition of this iconic lamp of destruction and the crazed look it had provided Risque. "You pull this off.. and you have officially taken back your title.." She shook her head. The man was perhaps slightly crazy, but damn he could conjure a stroke a genius when the need arose. "Hurry up, and place that final nail in her coffin so we can get both our asses out of here in one piece. I think we have tempted with fate enough for one night, but I do think this is one for history books."

Once Matteo disappeared, Harley then turns to Darius, the dark steed just starting to reflect the blazing rays of sunrise. "For the record, you are far better than any mini-van out there.." She hardly expected a response, walking to the buildings edge watching the sun rise, content. She could hardly remember the last time she had felt such a thing, she hugged herself in response. "If he does something stupid and gets caught.. I am going to do something equally stupid and save him.. but I need your help? Got it? Good." She nodded firmly, hoping it didn't have to come with that. At least for now she could revel in that victory and the pretty sunrise for but a moment longer.

Harley Westward