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Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. These four-bedroom, single-family homes feature back yards, porches, garages, and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and the neighborhood as a whole.

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Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawthorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three-story townhouses, often with a one to two-car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces with a small fenced-in 'yard'.

River Dale

River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

Pull me in, I feel alive when I'm with you;

Posted on August 27, 2020 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

Perhaps this was all just a rouse... he had planned. Had Darius been in on it? How little she seemed to find herself caring in that moment. Perhaps she should. Yet how strange, the woman with her impressive steel clad walls had somehow found trust within the fae in spite of herself. There were so very few she found she could in that deceptive world. What was worse she couldn't seem to help herself with him. In spite of the tricks, the banter... the games with no end, the unspoken, and the magnetic chemistry that seemed to draw them to one another. Harley might as well have been doomed from the start. With time, it only seemed all the more suffocating. How that was possible she would never know. Yet, how she still met him brazenly, toe to toe, bold as she faced everything in the world and yet... how he possessed her insatiable curiosity. The way her body seemed to respond to him hardly made any sense to the feline, his nearness was nothing short of dangerous with how quickly things could.... combust. Her mind desired that challenge and her body was nothing short of traitorous.

What an unpredictable thing, she thought. Or maybe it wasn't after all, when you pour gasoline on such eager flames... and feed it with unlimited oxygen.. Of course it's going to start a roaring fire set to consume them both. It was no wonder they caught ablaze.

She took pleasure in coaxing that carefully placed mask upon his features off, each unpredicted movement, kiss, touch, word, wedged a little at those corners. She had found those delightful cracks in that careful mask he often wore, one that could not be denied with that candy-like sound of the hitch in his breath. She was bombarded with him all at once, lost in his alluring scent that her inner feline seemed to wish to bask within. How clarity seemed to be a fleeing thing and she couldn't seem to find a reason to care. Not when he kissed her like that.

It was like getting to know him all over again, in a way she hadn't known before. Since that night he left her craving for him, she hardly knew just how much. Well... sort of. She might have been a little in denial. Alright, a lot in denial. Unaware just how neglected that slumbering side of her had been, but he so simply awoken it with nothing but his touch, his mannerisms, that game they seemed so willing to play. Their back and forth mirrored even in this unchartered territory, that each heated kiss pressed to him felt almost like a sweet form of payback.

She could hear it, like confirmation within those sounds of want that all but escaped unbidden from his lips. What a sound, surely... she could do better... She cannot help but think what she could do to earn that very thing, even between that easily spoken rhetoric. One she was not able to get a reply to, that eagerness to kiss bypassed any of it? How... quick she was to forget her words. Unsure if they hardly mattered in the wake of this sensation. Harley all but anticipated each intentional press of his lips that he all but claimed, as if curious to see the reaction each one caused. How she could hardly help that falter in her breath betraying her very weaknesses. For each spot she had found upon him, he effortlessly found others on her. He deciphered her body simply, a language he seemed fluent in with every expert move. She almost protested when he pulled away, hesitating as those french lyrics meant to confuse her, the look clearly upon her features. It was an impressive trick, that was to be sure. To have a bra literally summoned from your body. How strange a feeling that was. She could hardly help but wonder what he could do with the rest of her clothes, but where was the fun in that?

His boyish grin spread across his lips caused her heart rate to increase just a little, words aside he could slay anyone with that look alone. She could hardly help that sound of amusement and yet why was he so focused upon looking at that bra! It was like he examined it.. For something. Over what?? Did it speak secrets? Spin words? Like I am one hell of a support system. He pondered over for it for far too long. She all but snatched it away from him, content to toss it from his reach. A highly sarcastic response formed like electricity upon her tongue was lost within that intimate kiss. Oh fuck, that kiss... could have turned nuns in nymphos. His teeth tugged her lower lip and how it seemed to draw a current of desire right through her. Woah. She hadn't expected that and the experienced brush of his finger upon the sensitive peak of her breast.. She was helpless to the sound of desire that was lost to his kiss. Her hands tangled within his hair, her hips began to shift as if that instinctual craving for more couldn't be helped. What if... he removed her pants too. That thought seemed natural to her.. And yet he simply paused, breaking away to mention how lovely her 'eyes' were.

Harley could hardly help that amused sound of disbelief, remembering that very comment he'd stated at her undress in an effort to heal her after being mauled. How easy it was to recall all their memories. Matteo was hardly the kind of man to ever forget. Surely he must have known this and yet something within her seemed pleased to know, it was... mutually shared. How that did little for them now. Not when she wanted his hands in those places he had only begun to explore within Risque's bedroom, that he certainly had to remember in perfect clarity.. She could not deny that she hadn't thought of it from time to time when she closed her eyes to sleep. Oh those hands would haunt her more than any ghost could. That it didn't torment her to wonder. Her only response was to use her entangled fingers within his hair to bare his neck to her. How he tormented her, it was her turn. Her hand tugged at his hair to give her lips way to find that spot upon his neck that had prompted that sound of pleasure.

Harley, devious creature as ever, wanted to hear it again, instead she earned that sharp inhale of his breath, as though he were shocked at the sensation she provoked in him. She could hardly help her lips forming a smile, more like a smirk against his skin as she continued her own assault. Ah payback was sweet and yet she was only getting started. She spoke in between heated kisses as though she wished to bury them beneath his skin. He spoke, his voice far too composed despite that desire... that caressed his lyrics... but it was still far too composed to her liking until she found another spot that caused that word to waver. It was impossible to miss the break in his careful composure as her lips and tongue trailed across that one spot that seemed to be a weakness for the frenchman. The world would be a boring place if things were what they seemed. How true those words were."We can't have that.." She agreed against his soft, warm skin as her fingers found the hem of his shirt, she could not help that slightly devilish look upon her face as she began to peel it from his toned figure. "Although, boring has never been our problem." With a few temporary alterations to their position, she had it pulled from his head, content to abandon it with little consideration. He was... so devastatingly good looking. His hardened physique exposed to her for her taking. She enjoyed the feel of him, his warmth beneath her fingertips as she explored him.

But she wanted more.

His jeans seemed to prevent her exploration from going any lower even though the contours of his well-muscled body all but practically beckoned for her to explore. Those dips of the lines of his hips that concealed themselves like an irresistible treasure trail.. She wanted to feel that skin on skin. That desire for 'cake' uttered as she slipped from his lap. Because of him, she was destined to possess an insatiable sweet tooth. He was like dessert, every bit of him. She pulled off her own top, allowing it to trail along her very body, revealing herself in a way that he'd not seen before. She could feel his eyes on the flesh she revealed to him. Her topless form was bare to him alone as that curious warm breeze disturbed a few raven locks. She felt, naked and exposed for a moment... but the way he looked at her seemed to spark a building desire within her very body, something far more.... anticipating.

His words appreciative in a referring way, she could hardly help the way her cheeks flushed, or maybe it was all that making out? No it was definitely... his words and that look in his eye as he watched her, a man appreciating what he knew was well within his power of obtaining. He seemed content to view her for a moment... making her wonder if he was going to do anything at all with her bare form. Before, in one moment he slid to his feet, her eyes lowered to his body, his muscles tensed beneath the thin layer of his skin.

It was that look on his handsome face that could have had her come undone. Fuck.Yet it hardly felt that way as his fingers found her own. He was fluent and confident in everything he did, and it was done in not just that, but with style distinctly his own. It was undeniably sexy... yet her body yearned for his touch. Her chest rose and fell in an anticipatory breath before he gently spun her gracefully into him, within his arms. It was like a dance suddenly, that she allowed him to lead. The bareness of her back was pressed with his heated chest, a new position to explore. It was familiar though even though it was distinctly different without clothes. She chuckled softly. "Your favourite position...." Even with want assaulting her, that sweet sarcasm hardly ever left her. Yet how even more limiting this embrace was to her, her body merely his own to do with as he pleased. Maybe that's why he liked it so much. He held her gently against him, his hands at her hips, his chin perched upon her shoulder before a devious hand moved along the expanse of her body to cup her neglected breast. It was like he had no desire to neglect any part of her. Never had she met a man... so thorough in his exploration.. As though he wished to savour this moment. Yet it was tormenting. Most men would have had her entirely naked by now or mre.. And truthfully... it didn't feel like such a bad idea. His delicious scent seemed to dance within the warm country breeze that enveloped her.

The way she pressed into him was innate, as if she continued that dance he started. She could hardly help the gasp of her breath as he toyed with those sensitive parts upon her. A kiss pressed against her shoulder had her eyes close. She found her breath uneven as she anticipated more. His words seemed out of place. What could he possibly want to know? Her body was practically for his taking and it was like he knew it. There was nothing besides clothes stopping them. His hands trailed lower, that unspoken shift of her hips desired to coax him, as though they danced to a song with no sound .It was slow and calculated. What was so important when desire threatened to consume them both?? But his words... upon her flesh were near seductive too. She opened her eyes, dark lashes flutter into alertness in surprise at his inquiry. But his tormenting mouth moved as he spoke. It was a distraction to the way his hands move to undo the button on her pants. "I've already seen your couch.. I want to see what I haven't yet. You still haven't finished our tour.." Desire lined her words. How her wavering resolve echoed within them. Yet even still, those words held so much more meaning than simple location.

How tormenting his hands moved everywhere but the place she wanted to feel the press of his fingers. She pressed into him again far more urgently, making sure he could feel the press of her against him as his hands shifted from her butt closer and closer to that point of no return. She stole a breath as he moved closer, her body all but quivered in the potential sensations he provided and could provide. How she almost told him to do what he intended to in Risque's bedroom. How curious she was of what he would have been able to accomplish if they were not interrupted. He seemed to hover so devastatingly close! How her body practically ached for that touch. He had to know the torment he inflicted on her! How tempting it was to simply guide his own hand just that little bit further. He spoke softly into her skin, his accent seemed almost thicker then she had ever heard it. So much heat behind those lips.. She didn't want him to stop. Yet, wasn't this about that time... when all things came to some abrupt end? For one reason or another?

How difficult it was to focus on what he was saying. How could she have thought of anyone else in that moment.. Has anyone taken this slowly with her? She seemed to pause.. sobering. For a moment.. She drew in what was meant to be a steadying breath that somehow trembled. The answer... was no. They didn't take their time. It was like they were fueled with an animalistic desire, like a fuse when lit.. set to explode. It felt dominating... possessive. Vampires had little control when it came to their desires (at least from what she had known). Blood... sex.. How quickly they were to come apart. Like they were nothing short of barbarians in their wants. Prehistoric.... Caveman bullshit. The same thing could be said with casual romps with previous trysts that were driven by a lusting attraction. Had anyone ever truly taken their time? That consideration seemed almost surprising to her. It was so long since she took someone to her bed... That she tried to consider the last time and was content to let the memory remain a memory.

Her finger that now settled upon his hand seemed to trace along his knuckles as she replied. "No.. I guess not.. " She moved her hips against him again, as if to remind him to continue what he started. She desired him impossibly close, or maybe she simply wanted to tease him like he teased her. "Is that how you want me?" How innocent those words seemed and yet they are woven in curiosity. She turned her head to catch a glimpse of his alluring silver gaze, curious what she might find. She hung onto that pause awaiting his response. Never had he truly vocalized his want of her...

Harley never really understood what caused attraction as potent as this. It was simply there or it wasn't. There was no reason to hold them back. There was nothing standing between them. How the mere thought of what it would be like, that anticipation of the unknown seemed to exhilarate her. She bit down on her lower lip, relishing in the feel of his body that warmed her back and the tormenting hand that promised too much and gave nothing.
She moves away from the distracting touch of his hands even though it torments her to do so... she moves away toward the whipped cream, allowing her fingers to skim along the surface of it. She drew that cream to her lips, allowing herself another taste. She allowed her finger to linger there.

Her onyx hair remained in a soft tousled disarray, speaking of past and untold adventure, it splayed across the swell of her chest. The tattoo of the moon and its phases nestled between her shoulder blades that ran along her upper spine was visible to him. Her considering wild eyes, gleamed with that usual daring amusement that could often be confused with trouble, but her smile.. That subtle upturn of lips possessed something knowing, like she kept a secret that amused her. She turned to catch a glimpse of him. Somehow she pulled herself together.

Her vivacious gaze fell upon the frenchman while she savoured that taste even though she was sure it tasted far better on him. It hardly bothered her that her open jeans began to sag lowered, that her matching underwear seemed to be exposed or the other tattoo that began to peek out. It was within that space she was at last able to think.. Only somewhat. How she wanted the feel of him near again.. That she wanted to be swept away by his scent that now clung to her skin. It was her turn to keep him guessing even if it nearly killed her to do so. She lowered her hand from her lips. A frown formed on her face, however faint it was. "How do you do that? Make anything seem sexy.. Its like....Like.. your made of sex magic... you know.. Even though you are over there, I still feel where your hands...were." How her heartbeat raced. She was bold and yet there had always been a safety net.. Yet without it, somehow, it seemed to embolden her further.. It only made her want him more. How was that possible? How was it he could elicit such things?

Distance was all but an illusion to her.. Because even still that game was still afoot. "Take me to your bed, Matteo.." Yet even without him touching her, he hardly needed her with that look within his eyes, his face and the way he watched her made her.. So weak. She moved forward, moving out of the kitchen as if she knew where she was going. A mere glance cast over her shoulder to see if he followed.

Harley Westward