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Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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If I go up in flames then just put me away;

Posted on July 11, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

Had the woman known she was heading back to the hellish pits of Syn of all places, she would have most likely altered her stylistic choices slightly. At the very least, she was grateful for the jacket, able to cover up the bold dark letters sprawled across her grey clad chest none to subtly. She could have rolled her down damn eyes at herself, if it were not for the way Matteo gently tucked away those rogue locks of raven hair that he concealed with that hood with certain care. God the man just exuded sex appeal, how distracting a creature this French fae was. How gratefully she was for that hood enveloping her face in that concealing dark shadow. Yet despite it was odd sensation it was, to feel that care. It caused her head to tilt slightly back to peer up at those ethereal silvery hued eyes, the dim lighting sending her vibrant eyes alight, studying his own features for the briefest of moments before his gaze shifts downward, that mention of concealing it. Vampires, she was assured had a terrible sense of humour, one she had no intention to toy with tonight. The logo on their backs was certainly enough of a distraction for the duo tonight. She merely dipped her head in a bob of agreeance, a slight pout forming upon her mouth before her fingers moved to close that jacket before attending to that spray and offered gloves. It felt like they were preparing for war, hell they could have been, those hints as to what they were doing withheld until the very last second. It felt like they should have been arming up with weaponry and armour, not this stuff and yet she hardly argued, accepting some sort of faith in this method to his madness. This is what you get when you trust a fae. A sexy French one that tempted fate itself. A soft sigh escaping her at once but remained altogether focused. Well, almost. That night took a far too serious tone she wished to alter, giving into that impish act of spraying him from behind, that accented exclamation as entirely worth it. Harley had to admit, it was the first time she had the devil within her, how he seemed to reveal his very age in that moment. She could hardly help that laugh that escaped her as he attempted to bat her away, her eyes aflame in playful challenge. Those eyes complimenting that mischievous grin, lifting her hands in mock defeat. Unfortunately, there was no time to play, their purpose here ever looming as the precious seconds ticked by. She could feel the prickle of anticipation laden with determination overtake her, a sobering reality to the truth of this visit. She would have been lying that there wasn't an underlining of icy fear that didn't linger within her core. That sensation made her want to check her surroundings a thousand times as though something lurked within those shadows. Despite those thoughts threatening to steal the best of her, she listens to that very obscure plan, attempting not to focus on the poor drunken woman who would fall victim to another vampire. Her lips pull into a grim line, that tension pulling in her shoulders as a phantom pain from that recent bite reminding her of what they so tempted tonight. A sobering, sad reality for the many human's simply seeking out a good time. Poor fools she thought...

Taking that USB, she slipped it from view as they easily moved into the front entrance of that voracious club, taking in those surroundings with at least a goal in mind. Her tongue slipping out between her lips, wetting its surface in a purely anxious quirk she was hardly privy of as Matteo lead them through that club. However, it was the sight of Darcy that nearly had the woman unhinged, turning away back toward the exit. She had made a decision, she would not allow herself to be driven by her own fear, focusing on that sole thought of revenge. She uses that anger, locked away inside of her as fuel, an eagerness to carry out these plans Matteo had concocted for the reason that they could also hurt them. There was no way, she was going to allow Matteo to face them alone. A new self-forged resolve seems to wash over her, straightening her posture, hyperaware of the movement and people shifting around them, their hips moving in tune with the thudding music. Matteo suddenly stopped pulling the raven-haired woman into him in a seamless act that nearly seemed practiced, how sharply those thoughts were cast away. Their bodies pressed together in what seemed like an intimate embrace, one that her body seemed more than content to relish within that contact. Of all fucking places too. How for a moment she thought he intended to dance with her, to get lost to the unspoken tension that filled the room, perhaps that even extended between them. How her inner feline seemed to crave that caress, to press against him. His softly murmured words seemed to cut through the noise of that club, Harley having to focus on just his voice alone.

That very plan had a lot of... space for things to go wrong, terribly wrong. How as much as she trusted him, she could hardly help that anxiety that assaulted her. If she had time to recover from the previous assault that still had her mind reeling, she might have been able to handle it better. But not now, that icy hold was once again back. Time was apparently something that was not afforded to her, the pair simply diving straight into the deep end. At the very least, she had something she hadn't before. She was not in these hellish depths of despair alone, despite those worrisome what ifs that began to plague her mind. He was quick to assure her of those visions. Considering... what he had told her prior and all those outcomes that could stem from ones choice it should have made her question it. His eyes met her own in earnest. "After knowing how they work... I hope they don't fail me now." She attempted that jest, willing to believe a lie if only get accomplish that task that lay before them both as ominous as it appeared. How she disliked that notion of them splitting up and yet the success of that very... obscure plan seemed to rely on just that. Just like that, he was gone, melting in the crowd and Harley had found herself alone to her own thoughts.

This cause was worth it, she told herself, to make them hurt little bit, to make them falter like they had done to so many other people without thought. It was her inner wild cat strength alone that has her following those instructions to the letter. Making her way into that DJ booth with a self-forged confidence, knowing her job and executing it the best she could, despite all the distracting noises, ominous threats that lingered so damn close, she could practically feel it breathing down her neck, like a vampire lurked poised and ready behind her. She didn't know if it was truly possible to feel one's eyes on you, but it sure as hell felt like it, she had been spotted, this as much as she was sure. She knew just what that horrifying mismatched gaze could do, the way they could drop people with only a glace why not feel it. It was like she knew he had spotted her. Fuck. She hummed a song of her own devices plugging that USB into the computer, allowing the virus hopefully do its job.

Once the virus was installed and that bar successful full that screen went entirely blank and the computer seemed to possess a mind of its own. It was that momentarily screeching sound and then quiet.... Yup.. that was the sound of shit hitting the fan... and that she had successfully done her job. She snatched that usb, shoving it deeply into her pockets once more as the jovial music flooded that club, the crescendo meeting the speakers and club goers once she rounded that corner. It would have been humorous if she hadn't heard the clinking of spurs hot on her tail. Running, she was sure, would only have brought too much attention to her. So she hid...She decided to flatten herself against the nearest door, the doorway slightly set in a bit. She sucked in her breath, refusing to breathe, closing her eyes, attempting to make herself as small as possible. Fuck. Not like this.. she thought. That moment of being found was excruciating. She could hear the sound of her heartbeat thudding loudly within her ears. An obnoxious sound she was sure any vampire in a 100mile radius could hear, she was sure of it. She fought the urge to swallow that massive lump in her throat, to move even an inch for fear that even the faintest of movements would betray her. When suddenly Risque's voice shattered that excruciating tension... How close she had been to her demise.. or worse.. How would she explain why she was here, in this outfit...when she should have been practically bed ridden? The look on Darcy's face would have been rewarding, even Harley had to admit that.... But the consequences were surely not worth it.

Once she was sure he had gone, relief, like nothing she had ever felt before overtook her when she finally, somehow willed her heavy body to move again to find her way to Matteo once more. She listened to the chorus booming loudly and her features grew tighter... this song... was awful. The track seemed to shift once more.. another upbeat song blasting its way throughout that club, not much better than the first. Those bubbly lyrics bopping about that club, now was not the time to focus on it as Harley moved as quickly as her legs could carry her toward that silver lined door.. that office belonging to wicked bitch of the west herself. Her frazzled nerves firing off in rapid succession even though she knew Risque was dealing with the aftermath of that virus, just as Matteo knew they would. How close she had been to getting caught. How close she was for that near end, she could practically taste it, her own tongue still lingering with that after taste. The fact that she had survived, filled the woman with such an emotional surge of relief she could hardly help that laughter that escaped her. They survived.. somehow. The two of them pulled it off. Whatever the fuck that was, she hardly knew. She really should have asked for more information. Perhaps that blind trust thing was something Matteo had taken advantage of. That raven-haired woman had no in between with her, you were either in or you were out, guarded by steel walls miles thick, when slammed down there was no moving them.

Harley leaned against that wall, disbelief escaping her all at once, her relief just as potent. They were still in the lion's den, but they had the lion chasing after moving steaks. That wild goose chase just outside actually leaving them in the lead to do as they wished. It was wonderful... terrifying.... Exciting even.. exhilarating and electrifying all at once. For all her nerves had endured, she still rose up to that challenge. Matteo's smile found his face, his own chuckle at the woman's all but dramatic entrance joining with her own. Harley's head leaned backward, feeling that sturdy wall behind her as a sigh escaping her.

"Please don't tell me that is what you listen to when your all on your own.." That lighthearted sarcastic reply fell easily from her. For now, she could simply be, that office was just an office. Yeah it was accompanied with whips and chains that would make any dominatrix jealous but it damn, it hardly mattered. Laughter seemed to still linger like an expression upon her face, suddenly she heard the distant commotion outside in that club, that music seemed like it was getting louder. She hardly knew if she should be getting concerned, or... wait was that footloose? The room was soundproofed well... but damn there was one hell of a scene just outside those doors. She rose a brow, her lips quirking into some amused half smile as the sound of a massive crash. Matteo's feature took on a rather sheepish look before he admitted his devious doings. " I like your style. Your musical choices.. though... are questionable.. like my attire." She admitted out loud, that laughter escaping her once more at the imagery of Risque launching some poor patron.. or preferably Darcy at that expensive equipment. "Oh please tell me she threw the world's most endearing vampire cowboy?" She questioned, her expression undoubtedly hopeful, even if she knew its likelihood was disappointingly not the truth.

That mention of opening up Risque's desk perhaps made the woman slightly curious, raising a singular brow at him. Her companion looked at the vampire woman's desk before expectantly observing Harley. "I can barely control it as it is and you want me to do something that requires..... such finesse. Alright.. lets take this magic for a spin.. I can't let you take all the glory now can I?" She moved off from that wall to draw toward Matteo's side, casually both of them staring at Risque's locked drawer, her eyes stitching in a frown. "I don't suppose she left the thing unlocked, did she?" She tried to jiggle that drawer open, but surprise, surprise, the paranoid woman made sure everything was locked up tight. Damn, but she had to check. She decided, to reach out for that metal... with her powers. She could feel it just beneath that thick hardwood of that furniture, far too ornate for her tastes, but she had t admit it put Ikea to shame.

But how the fuck was she supposed to.... Unlock it. She tried to imagine the mechanics of the locking mechanism; the glint of those silver chains caught her view... how much she hated this room. Even though Harley seemed to be enjoying herself, not even Matteo could erase the vivid memory of the night when she was turned, when Risque ordered Tetradore to slice off her tattoo on her arm, or the that acidic bite that changed her fate forever... Or the assault of Risque's venom when she had bit her.. She couldn't help a shudder that traversed down the length of her spine, like a phantom icy breeze entered that room. That song barbie girl than blew out of the speakers, Harley could not help that snort that escaped her. Risque was going to LOVE that one.. she was sure. Matteo silently maneuvered, like a shadow, his presence alone was one she could feel. Her inner cat ever aware of him, the impression of him as he suddenly melts behind her. His fingers easily finding her own as he pressed her hand against that desk. God, he was distracting. She fought the urge to look at him, but chose to focus on those locks. She willed herself relax into that touch, inclined to get swept in that far more pleasant sensation. He so seamlessly focuses her, like he were magnetic, his gentle voice guiding as it was soothing. "I can feel it.. that locking mechanism. Alright let me see.. what I can do." She nodded subconsciously unaware of that, her eyes narrowed in determination. She was almost disappointed when he moved away, but honestly grateful, unsure she would think with him breathing down her neck. How could anyone? Now was not the time to think of how he felt.. Now.. it was just her and the lock...and not the sexy distracting fae undoubtedly watching her, assuring her safety. How those words seemed the exact opposite in this room of torture. "Yeah, so safe in the bondage room of pain and suffering.." Allowing her eyes to flutter shut, she decided to look with her other senses, to rely on those. "Alright.... Its just me and you now.." she whispered to the lock. She felt those gears, envisioned them moving like her powers were the key... Click. That satisfying sound had her eyes shooting open in surprise! "It worked? I mean.. I did it." She could hardly hide the shock from her own features that she had actually did it.. She moved that lock with her powers... She had done something not out of stress.. or emotions... but because she wanted it to. It felt empowering, as small as a feat it was. She smiled wildly, turning around to meet his genuine praise. "You can admit you need me now.." She allowed him to move to that drawer, to retrieve what he had needed. He retrieved a keycard.. how badly Harley wanted to search that desk for more... to... who knows. Find something cherished.. or perhaps embarrassing within those depths. It was then, the fae summoned a small pelican toy, distracting her from the mayhem she could inflict. What the..... Matteo must have caught a glimpse of her questioning face as a chuckle escaped him then.

"What I would give to be a fly on that wall when she finds it.." Amusement, finds her then. "You really seem to know thy enemy." She admitted, following her companion out of that office. The sounds they were met with was pure chaos. Risque yelling.. the crowd practically rioting. The whole club was lit up in a commotion, the ultimate distraction! Harley maintained as close as physically possible to Matteo then after they finished their looting of Risque's office... listening to his orders, simply obeying them.

She hardly knew why it felt so much more unsafe in those hallways than within Risque's office. Maybe it was that chance of exposure that has set the woman on a perpetual edge. They move with a swiftness that was surprsing, Matteo seemed to know the route, the pair winding through those hallways with a singular purpose. Had he been here before? Or was it simply the visions that he navigated this place so seamlessly? The next phase to that very mission it would seem. Harley's eyes seemed to flick from side to side, listening intently to any little sound that could indicate someone nearby. That keycard worked flawlessly, that satisfying beep and click of those locks obediently granting them access to the darkest recesses of that labyrinth like building. Those security doors that were meant to keep people like them out were allowing them further and further in, deeper, downward into the belly of hell itself. Shit, she hardly knew if they were truly safer with the keys to the kingdom. Who the hell would want in anyways?

Whoever would willingly go downstairs was truly a little bit insane. Those dungeons were ominously waiting for their next victims, along with the homes to many of those felines. Who knew what other horrors were kept down here. Their steps seemed almost painfully loud as they strode with a fluidness of shadows, that quietude almost screaming at her. How at last, she could vaguely remembered this last door... it was the room where she had been stuffed within a cage for days on end without food, without seeing the light of day. It was perhaps the room that had made her feel the most defeated, even over the abuse, the lack of freewill, the near-death experiences. Matteo suddenly made a sharp turn, that keycard granting them access to that room that she hardly wanted to see again. Harley whispered, barely audible beneath her heart. "Well... doesn't this bring me back cozy warm feelings.. Aw, my room is still here.. " The sarcasm was thick, corrosive.

She recognized, some of those faces... one in particular, a little feline that she felt content to stare at from time to time. None of the cats seemed to take particular notice of their intrusion, none of them seemed to care. It was the human-esque people that seemed to raise their eyes before ignoring them once more again, their eyes empty in defeat. Matteo's accented voice had almost made the woman jump out of her skin, she hardly anticipated the sound, especially when these wounds were so terribly fresh. He explained how those doors at the back lead to a stairwell outside.. how terribly cruel for a door placement. To have an escape so close and yet how little it mattered. She seemed to glare at that door, as though it were the enemy. The room itself was incredibly large with many cages that seemed to harbor... the food or the.. ones suffering a punishment. She caught a glimpse of the massive, jungle like rooms in the back... What an odd place, she could have been fascinated by if it wasn't so fucking perverse. "I got it.." She hid her own nerves from her voice.. Fuck.. she had to do it.. if they were going to escape they needed everything to go as planned. She seemed to straighten her posture, her eyes narrowing with a resilient determination, clearing her throat. She nodded with far more resolve than she felt. There was simply no other alternative and she wanted to make damn she sure wasn't going to die here.

Harley soon studied that door with a newfound challenge, it didn't take a rocket scientist to clue into what the fae had in store. Matteo unlocking the cages, one by one, confidently striding down, hearing that satisfying beep and click, that silver hardly hindering him in the slightest. Most of those cats had already had their spirits pummeled to a pulp, having given into their fate as a prisoner. How many times she had tried to reach out to one of them, any of them when she was trapped down here, and she was met with a resounding silence. She wondered if Matteo was wasting his time and yet she made no motion to stop him. She was sure that even if their doors were swung open... most would simply stare blankly. Maybe a few could escape, start fresh. If only they leave the city with haste, forged a new life for themselves. Regardless, it was still satisfying to watch those cages unlock, especially with knowing that every missing body would further serve to piss off little miss Risque. She was going to be furious, she knew it, there would be hell to pay and Harley could only hope to be out of that line of fire before hell pelted the earth around them. She took another breath, eyes finding her own cell amongst those masses. How close she had been to giving up, how defeated she had felt, she could still feel the cold metal against her cheek, the bite of it etched severely into her memory. It was then that Harley was Matteo pause in front of one of those cages. That cowering warlock locked away seemed to eye them both warily. Great, now he had seen their faces. The more that saw them put them more at risk of being outed, of her being outed.

Harley watched on with surprise, peering at her companion, how easily he seemed to rouse a sense of fight within the poor defeated warlock. What could she say, the man could rally the troops, it was inspiring.. the creatures and the warlock himself seemed entirely inspired. Hope.. That dismal room began to shift from one of desperation to life, all at once. Anticipation of what was to come, there was no need for words to figure that one out. At least, they would be given a fighting chance. With a silent glance from Matteo, she knew the time was near. There was a job to do, get that door unlocked. Come on powers, she thought sardonically to herself as the people began to move toward her. No pressure right. She could feel that heaviness within that door, that metal so much more than that mere small lock within Risque's office. Still... the mechanics were still the same, perhaps needing a little more omph. It took a great deal more concentration, honing upon that one section she wished to move, just enough. She thought of what being in this room made her feel like when she was trapped, drained, barely a strand of hope lingering, that feeling none of these people deserved to feel. Every damn being in this room deserved a chance at escape, even if her own fate was already wholly cemented. She ignored them, calling upon her own sadness, her own hate, her own frustration.. Just like that she slammed it into the lock perhaps with a bit more force than she had intended. The lock began to shudder, that whole door vibrating with a fury when suddenly the mechanism blasted outwards, the door handle along with the entire lock mechanism itself entirely gone, scattered useless out in the middle of that parking lot. "Shit." That sudden force seemed to startle her, leaping backwards at that blast, that wasn't nearly as loud as it felt in her head. She peered wide eyed at her handy work. Well... she at least..... she did it... The door would undoubtedly need to be replaced. Harley turned around to watch the eyes of the congregating force. Matteo's voice seemed to cut through that, drawing her attention, her face still mirroring the surprise at that power.

"You could say.. I removed our lock problem. What can I say... when I do.. something.. I do it... thoroughly." She replied wryly, her lips quirk upward into a soft grin. She poked at the heavy door, that budged from her forceful push, closing once more as she pulled away. She pulled her hand back before resting it on her hip. "Hmm.. I hate to break it to you.. but I don't think these resources are going to fit.... In the..... minivan.." She put that emphasis... on minivan, breaking up the two words, as a hint hint nudge nudge in that direction knowing all too well, she referred to Darius, the sleek imposing warhorse parked outside in the parking lot just outside. The poor messy drunk person who stumbled upon that would certainly not recover. She wasn't going to give any of these 'resources' any more info about the dynamic duo that intended to set free, that was the last thing they needed, especially when their faces have already been compromised. Although, she was entirely fucked if Risque or Darcy re-caught one of them and they pointed her out... there weren't many people walking around with raven haired and violet eyes. Despite her defining features, she simply kept her eye on the prize, her expression altogether curious considering they were down to the wire. She could still hear the loudness of that blaring music, even from down here, she hadn't remembered hearing that music those nights holed up in the hell hole. The vampires must have been going insane... Excellent.

Harley Westward