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Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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I wish I could escape, I don't wanna fake it

Posted on July 01, 2019 by Matteo Devereux


It's tough to be a god

It had, perhaps, not been the wisest of his decisions in so allowing Darius to carry himself and his companion forward and into that dark abyss of teleportation without first having provided the woman with some indication of his intention. That sudden, forward leap seeming to prompt Harley's arms to tighten near vice-like around his waist and threaten the ery integrity of his ribs and yet- for all her bravado and biting words and sharpened tongue there was something rather ...endearing in that moment of vulnerability in which she clung to him as if her very life depended upon it. Matteo near inclined to admit he was hardly opposed to her hold. The warmth of the woman at his back prompting those distant memories to the forefront of his mind once more. Her very use of that nickname so long forgotten and last uttered upon Risque's lips herself only further fueling those images long since past to flicker behind his eyes before he brushed them away with a sound determination. There would be time, later, to consider the past. Tonight far more about seeking that retribution so many were owed. The near rhythmic sound of Darius hooves echoed along that otherwise empty road then, Matteo affording his companion those few moments to grasp at her bearings once more before Harley saw fit to comment upon Darius himself. Matteo unable to prevent that slight chuckle that hummed within the depths of his throat as one hand rested with an affection of sorts upon the midnight stallion neck.

"Ah, but I told him earlier tonight where it was I planned for us to go. He knows."

Those accented words were offered with a simple assurity. The Frenchman so taking that moment to comment upon that near vice-like hold Harley had found for him in turn. The woman seeming to take a ready amusement in the very notion she had all but destroyed his ability to breath with any real comfort. Harley readily declaring herself stronger then she appeared. Ah, but how very true such words! In far more ways than one. Matteo, as always, so offering little upon that very sentiment as Harley's grip loosened all the same, the woman's chin coming to rest comfortably upon her shoulder as the warmth of her hands slid instead to his waist. The Frenchman once more struck with how...pleasant that warmth was. Perhaps it had been far to long since he had allowed himself to indulge in such touches. That faintest of simpers finding his lips at the very thought. Matteo, for now, drawing her attention instead towards that vampiric bar itself as it loomed before them and the very task they had come to complete tonight so providing Harley could find that strength within herself once more. There was, after all, surely no shame to be had in turning from that hellish place now. That torment still fresh within the woman's mind. Perhaps he had taken those physical wounds from her body and restored that fiery spirit, yet.....his power so hardly healed those wounds and bruises that lingered out of view and upon the soul itself. Those, so often, far more toxic than any cut or scrape of vampire bite. How well he knew it. How long he had watched his own son...fester beneath the weight of those very marks upon his soul. Stains Matteo himself could not remove no matter how hard he might try. A soul, after all, did not heal quote like a body. That this, tonight, might yet prove to much for Harley was surely a possibility he had well considered. After all, there was only so much that could be asked of her. The Frenchman wholly prepared to continue that very evening alone if she found herself incapable and yet....he had long since come to suspect the raven-haired woman was not one easily cowed.

How long it had been since he had met another with her very spirit! Harley, even within those quiet moments, seeming to consider that very task before her. That debate near painfully clear in what little of her features he could see from his own position before her. Matteo, in turning, offering his own near quiet words. The Frenchman affording her....more then he had intended of his own motivations tonight and yet it was surely fair, was it not, that she too understood but some of his own reasoning? Or indeed, as much of it as he was willing to allow her to know. He had hardly anticipated her sudden query on how many lives he cared for within that bar and yet, perhaps he should have. Harley a far more observant creature then so many whom had come before her. Matteo, in that moment, content to think upon that answer before offering it. Harley appearing near...oblivious to at least one of those obvious beings he so proclaimed to care for and yet the near ancient Fae saw little need to enlighten her now. How amusing it might be, to watch her puzzle that very thing.

It was only once the raven-haired woman had found her very resolve and committed to that plan that Matteo sent the war horse forward again in that second act of teleportation. The trio, this time, appearing within that car park itself and nestled within the shadows by that entranceway. He had seen this very night played out before his eyes over and over. Hundreds of futures, hundreds of choices, how determined he was to see it through and yet determined he was to see Harley survive it in turn. That decidedly protective instinct so seeming to ensnare the woman near firmly each time his silver gaze so lingered upon her figure. Matteo slid easily from Darius' saddle then, his hand reaching up moment later to take Harley's own and guide the woman down in turn. Those feline reflexes so readily attempting to aid her in that landing. Hmm. perhaps she would make a rider yet. The Frenchman's attention returned to those saddlebags then to produce those required items, those gloves and spray handed to the woman then with that very explanation for their use. Scent, after all, would be their enemy here tonight. Especially one so recognised as Harley's own. That look of confusion upon the young womans face as they dressed was quickly replaced with that appearance of determination once more. Harley so declaring them to be ninjas. Her efforts prompted that warm chuckle to his lips once more as Matteo stepped toward her then, his arms moving smoothly about her to gently grasp the hood upon the back of her jacket and lift it neatly into place atop her head. His fingers moving to gently tuck those dark locks from view as the silver of his gaze found that violet of her own once more. Such pretty eyes they were. His own drifting but slightly lower to her t-shirt then. The sentiment it presented perhaps not....ideal for that current situation. His lip quirking softly all the same.

"No, Mon Cherie, I do not think they will."

Those gently uttered words were layered with that amusment all the same. Matteo, even now, so seemingly unflustered by the task at hand as he stepped gently away from his companion then to see to his own outfit and applying that scent concealing spray. One that would, so hopefully, prevent any being knowing of their arrival here tonight. Each part of that plan so carefully and meticulously laid out. Harley's near sudden declaration that the spray was not the worst scent she had ever scented was perhaps fortunate news, those very words upon the Frenchman's lips cut short by her declaration he had missed a spot, Matteo glancing but readily over his shoulder toward her then- only for the woman to spray that can at his behind.

"Ah, Sacrebleu! You have the devil in you woman!"

His hand lifted readily then, batting at the girl in the same playful, good-natured fashion he so often did his own son. Those impish traits, perhaps, inherent within the feline species. Matteo's eyes rolling lightly as he beckoned Harley to follow all the same. The pair leaving Darius within the safety of the shadows to approach that thrumming dance club. The music and laughter and voices spilling out and onto the street. A busy night and yet- it was just as they needed. The young woman so easily fell into step beside him then, Matteo pressing close toward her to utter the beginnings of that very plan as they moved. Far, far to much of that plan so relying upon simple....luck then he cared to admit and yet he had seen that future, he had seen what could be. The Frenchman, tonight, so willing to risk the play of his hand in that game he had, until now, watched from afar. Those crimes agianst his son, agianst Harley were.....unforgivable. Matteo determined to stay his hand no longer and yet, by equal measure, to protect the woman so unfortunate enough to become his assistant tonight. Harley one of so precious few that future had shown any kind of success so existing for. Ah, but how he would sorely hate to lose her tonight.

That USB drive was handed smoothly to her then as the pair passed through those club doors. Matteo, for now, so choosing to ignore that unfortunate human woman as she stumbled from the club in their wake. That vampire man following behind like a vulture. Her fate for tonight perhaps already sealed and how it....pained him to see it. That ache within his chest like a knife twisted sharp and yet to follow after her, to help her, would see their own plans to far derailed. Darcy, as Matteo had anticipated, lingered on the platform above. That very position affording the vampiric cowboy a view of the bar at large. An advantageous one- and one Matteo was loath to afford him for long. The Frenchman reached abruptly for Harley then, tugging the young woman suddenly agianst him within the dark depths of that club, his arms encircling her smoothly as he held her femanine figure agianst the toned plains of his chest. That pleasing warmth unique to Harley herself readily seeming to embrace him in turn. His mind, if only briefly, considering that sensation once more and how much he rather liked it. The pair, in that moment, blending into that rabble of people. No more then another pair of lovers caught within the music and motion of the club. Inconspicuous and hardly worth noticing. Yet- it was that very need to be noticed- and by Darcy no less- that so surely fell to harley tonight. Matteo whispering those very words to his companion then as held her close. That hesitation upon her face surely clear as his eyes met her own once more. Harley's voice, this time, betraying that anxiety she felt over that very plan. The raven-haired woman effortlessly deducing the sheer amount of 'ifs' this plan seemed to hold before dismissing any attempt to think of the worst that could happen. Ah, but how sorely he did not wish to think of that in turn. After all, he could remove himself from that club near instantly and yet ...she could not. It was so very much her life he gambled with tonight. Those very stakes far, far higher then they surely should be.

"For what it is worth- I have seen you do it, in the future. We will not need that tequila tonight. I promise."

His gaze met her own once more. Those words so layered with that gentle, easy confidence. Matteo so hardly willing to admit that he had seen far more futures where they failed. No, it was surely far better to wrap Harley in that confident assurance then anxious concern. Those very worries his alone to bare as she so demanded he stay safe before stepping away and into that crowd. Her very words prompting that flicker of a simper to his lips once more before that teleportation ensnared him again. It did not take long for those DJ's to shift, as he had forseen they would. Harley, down below, hurrying to do as he had implored her. That singular sight of her Blue Moon jacket prompting Darcy to rise from his chair. The cowboys phone left unattended upon the table he had reclined at. Matteo's hand reached smoothly to snacth that device, his fingers working hurriedly to tap at that screen and shut down each of those cameras save for those that looked upon the rear car-park. Syn so becoming veritably blind for the rest of that night. Those crimes they stood to commit so about to lack any real recording at all. That phone was hurriedly replaced upon that table. Matteo teleporting once more from that platform above to appear within that hall outside Risque's office. His appearance within that shadowy place so hardly noticed by those other anxious beings that lined its walls- waiting for their audience with that vampiric Queen herself.

One ear remained trained upon that music outside. That sudden shift in songs so indicating Harley's success. Ah, but she had done it! The faintest of simper so managing to dance upon his lips all at once as they decidedly joyous song overtook that sound system. Those cries of outrage readily beginning to echo through that club. Even those who stood within that line beside himself so shifting near anxiously before that silver lined door was suddenly thrown open. Matteo's head remained distinctly lowered. The hooded man capable of seeing no more then those heels of the vampire woman as she appeared within the doorframe. Yet- how readily his heart so quicked in its beat, that sweat beginning to threaten at the base of his neck at her proximity alone. How many centuries had it been since he had stood before her and looked upon her face? How tempting it was to raise his game to meet her own, to wonder if she, too, remembered him as he did her and yet that very discovery here and now would pitch fate and future itself into turmoil. The ancient Fae so keeping his gaze downward. His beating heart no different to the frantic thumps and thuds of those around him as she demanded they all be gone from her presence before Darcy's name upon her lips saw her glide away from him and down that hall toward the club. Matteo, for several precarious seconds, merely inclined to watch her go. Ah, but how close they had been once more and how hardly she had known it.

That hallway cleared rapidly. None of those being so daring to remain and instigate her ire leaving the Frenchman to slip smoothly into that now empty office, the door left slightly ajar behind him for Harley to make her own way in. That music, surely, enough of a distraction to see the raven-haired woman make her own escape. Matteo careful to keep one eye upon that immediate future all the same- the other taking several moments to merely look around that silver-lined office. Risque's preferences in decor hardly having changed over the years. The sudden sound of running drew his attention sharply upward, Matteo glancing toward that door as Harley all but burst in. The sheer sense of relief at her presence prompting that warm simper to his features as she shut that door behind her, those profanities on her lips coaxing his own chuckle before that sudden laughter seemed to fall from her then. That fear and relief and pride seeming to culminate in that sweet sound. That very office, in that singular moment, seeming far brighter than it ever had before as Harley collapsed back agianst the nearest wall.

"You did very well, Mon Cherie. That music, i think, is quote distracting them no?"

Those accented lyrics paused then, Matteo's head tilting but slightly in that 'listening' motion as those muffled sounds from further within the club could only just be heard above that music. That overly delightful song suddenly halted. Silence filling that space and yet the Frenchman hardly appeared perturbed. That silence, after all, was decidedly short lived. That momentary victory snatched from those vampires once more as 'Footloose' so begun to play more loudly then the last song. The sound of something, or someone, being hurled agianst another wall echoing within the distance. That near sheepish look so finding the Frenchman's features.

"Every time they try to stop it the song will change- and become louder- ah, Risque has just thrown someone at a speaker. How unfortunate it will not stop the sound. As it is though it will keep them busy for a little while. You and I however have more to do, come, we must get into this drawer. I need what is within it."

Matteo's attention shifted toward Risque's desk then and that singular, locked drawer beneath it. The Fae so eyeing that very look momentarily and with a clear consideration before glancing upward and toward Harley once more.

"Can your talents for metal undo the lock, Mon Cherie?"
It would, after all, be far easier for Harley to undo that lock then it would to break that desk. Sawing through that wood sure to take significantly more time then Matteo was assured they might have to spare. The Fae so falling silent then to allow Harley to examine that drawer. Her powers, in the fledgling stage though they were, surely capable enough of shifting that bolt. After all, he had seen that future and indeed just what she would be capable of in time. Those powers nothing short of ...immense. Here and now was surely the time to practice. Footloose abruptly shifting into Barbie Girl. That simper dancing across his features but briefly as Matteo so came to stand behind Harley once more. His fingers threading smoothly with her own if only to offer that soft, simple comfort of his very presence within the midst of that room that had already brought with it so much pain. Matteo so seeking to steal her thoughts away from any and all but that task at hand now. His voice distinctly gentle as he lifted their entwined hand to rest upon that lock.

"You have seen a magnet work, no? Picture your power like a magnetic force. Something you can move, something you can feel. Feel for the metal within that lock. You need only push it aside. Close your eyes if you need. No harm will come to you here. I promise you this."

His fingers but gently unwove from her own then. Matteo stepping softly backward to afford her that very chance to try. How little time they had and yet how.....needed that power was. How very much it might mean for Harley to feel powerful again. No matter how small. Those precarious seconds seeming to tick onward before the bolt within that lock so suddenly slid sideways.

"Ah, magnifique! You have done it!"

That warm simper so found his lips once more, that genuine praise offered with equal pleasure before Matteo reached for that now unlocked drawer to slide it open, his hands plucking that master key card from within. Each and every door within that club so now at their command. Yet- there was but one final touch. The Fae's free hand was held outward then. A singular, small plastic pelican so summoned into being upon it. That figurine no more than a child's toy. That plastic bird placed perfectly within the centre of Risque's desk. That very look upon Harley's own features met with that chuckle once more.

"The pelican means nothing- but her paranoia will lead her to believe that it does. She will spend a good deal many nights stressing over its presence and its meaning when truthfully it means nothing at all. She will be her own enemy. Come. Stay close now. We must hurry."

The Frenchman waited only so long as it took for Harley to fall back into step beside him then. Risques shouts rising above the sound of that music, the vampire woman demanding the power to the club itself be cut if that music could not be stopped. Darcy undoubtedly hurrying to see to tat command as that song shifted again to another equally joyful hit. High Hopes all but blasting the walls of that club. The patrons so beginning to mutiny in turn.

"Stay close to the wall."

The words were uttered with a swift quietness, Matteo assured Harley would do no less as he led the way from that office then and back into the hall. The Fae moving as silent and swiftly as possible into the further depths of that club then. That stolen key card lifted to the first of those silver doors. The singular flash of that green light saw that door open, Matteo leading the way further in. The pair so beginning to make their way downward and towards those rows upon rows of dungeons and cages that existed beneath. That faint sound of that music, however, remained distinctly clear. The very volume it was beginning to reach surely enough to irritate that sensitive vampiric hearing all the more. How very loud their steps sounded in those cold, dark hallways! Matteo careful to remain within those shadows all the same lest they come across any vampire lurking below. The majority, hopefully, having been summoned upward by Risque's irritation. Several more of those doors were easily swiped open then. Matteo making a sudden, sharp turn before pausing at that last door. The near ancient Fae so hardly commenting upon just how he knew just where to go. That last door opening onto those rows and rows and rows of cages so filled with Risque's precious cats. Harley herself having been stored within that very place for those past few days. Several of those felines were easily roused by their presence. Those Were-cats showing far more intrigue then their naturally animalistic counterparts whom afforded them little more then yawns and uninterested glances. Such fastidious creatures. Matteo so moving to point toward those large double doors at the end of the hall.

"Those doors lead outside, to the back car park. We need to open them. That is a far bigger lock though, can you manage it, Mon Cherie? I shall need you to unlock it, but not open it, not yet. We must open the doors at just the right moment."

That large padlock deadbolt was far more significant then that small lock within Risque's office and yet, once more, Harley's silent power would surely be far more useful then so merely ...blowing up those doors entirely. Matteo's own attention shifted back to those cages then, his silver gaze lingering upon that control panel further along the wall. The Frenchman shifted forward then and toward that very panel, that card lifted to a singular place upon that wall to open but a singular cage along that front row, followed by another and another. Matteo turning then to walk to the fast of those opened prisons and the terrified warlock within so huddled agianst the far corner. This man in far, far better condition then some of those non-feline prisoners being used for food. How easy it was to crouch at the entrance of that cage then. Matteo's hand held toward that frightened man. That easy simper so finding his lips.

"Come, Mon Amie, it is time to leave. You can still walk. I shall need you to help your friends, those who cannot. Can you do this?"

For several long moments that man so seemed to hesitate. His gaze shifting from Matteo, to Harley and back again in clear belief that this was some....kind of ruse....before his hand at last reached for Matteo's own. The Frenchman so gently helping him to his feet before gesturing to those other open cages. That warlock hurrying into the next one to help rouse whomever was within as those felines begin to stir in some silent anticipation of what was to come. That music above continuing still. Matteo's gaze shifted to Harley once more as she worked upon that door. His hand lifting to gesture to those beings so used for nothing but blood as they slowly began to gather near that door. That near knowing simper touching his lips within the dark.

"As I said, Mon Cherie, in war we must take resources- so we are taking these. But we are still not done yet. Have you opened the lock?"