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A little good doesn't stop the devil;

Posted on June 24, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

Maybe it was that devious look upon her face, or the subtle quirk of her lips that made it seem like such a threat was an idle thing. There were far more deserving people to haunt, that was assured especially with people like Risque running amuck, killing as easily as switching out a pair of her ridiculous shoes. Even though she that playfulness varnished her very tone, death was something she entirely wanted to avoid with flying colours tonight. Fuck, she didn't was to die at all, that woman far too stubborn. Did she truly want to find out if felines had nine lives? Just about as much as she wanted to find out if they always landed on their feet. Or find out if there truly was a life after death. She supposed there were stranger things to believe in, there were animated corpses and magic lining the cities dismal streets. Was she not a product of that very magic? That threat of befriending those spirits he claimed to already have a collection of. Truly, it wasn't a comforting thought. Had he killed them indirectly from dragging them to another one of those impossible quests? That thought alone made her silly little threat seem... an actual reality. How quickly he seemed to shrug off that her very challenge. "You wouldn't dare.." She frowned, that very comment seemed to draw out that dismay, unable to keep it secret, like her emotions as a whole something she kept upon her sleeve. Like some exorcism would cast her away. "Could you really? And miss out on all the surprise and wonder that is me?" Her darkened brows that were stitched together and yet curling slightly upward in that very consideration. Maybe she didn't want to hear that answer and yet she seemed distracted by that thought alone. She wasn't sure if she would want herself as a ghost either.

Once she had made that less than speedy exit, unsure how she even managed such a feat without entertaining the idea of him in the shower. That very comment she had rendered him to silence with seemed to have sunk in as that laughter soon permeated through the thin walls. She could hardly help a touch of a smile that so found her feminine features or the quiet laughter that joined him. She would have loved to lounge in that hot steamy shower for an hour if she could have. It would seem this night was far from over. She moved with a swift purpose, washing away the grime from those days of abuse, her body seemed to relish that that delicious warmth that seeped into her muscles. Once dried off and dressed and some primping in the form of a little mascara and eyeliner she was as ready as she was ever going to be. Considering how she had started out this very evening, this was one hell of an improvement. Her thick raven locks needed far longer than she was afforded to dry completely if only that was the least of her problems. To finalize that look, before the woman slid on that logo emblazoned jacket with ease.

Walking out to a horse within her home was hardly what the raven-haired woman anticipated in the slightest. The entirety of that shock adorned her face like that Blue Moon logo she wore. For the rare moment, the woman seemed rendered momentarily speechless, her mouth hanging ajar. Fortunately, that rarely held her back for long, and those words had found her once more. Perhaps the only thing on this damn planet to have not failed her yet were the sharp-witted spitfire's words. Matteo seemed hardly affected in the slightest, his arms folding casually across his chest without a care in the world, standing next to his apparently ill-tempered companion. That warning of his bite not going without acknowledgment from her. The woman declaring that she too would bite back should that stallion if he should decide to get snap happy with her. That inner predator within her gleaning through her unique eyes, as though entirely willing to seize that opportunity if his teeth were to come in contact with her flesh.. and yet how she hardly wanted to harm a horse. Predator or not, she was in awe of such a massive creature, his coat polished with certain pride like he was ready to be paraded at some fancy-pants show. How did this massive horse end up here in the first place? Magic. This glistening black majestic were was magic. It explained everything.

"Because horses in the middle of the city don't stand out in 2019. But okay, we will take your pretty magical pony on our quest for revenge. I mean.. it does sound pretty epic." A single brow raising, gesturing toward the horse with ease, that playful snark coating her words. Yet, how in the hell was a horse faster? She was quite certain it was going to take them all damn night traversing through the shadows of the city like they were in medieval times, sporting a vampire bar logo upon their back. That totally doesn't raise any red flags at all. The thought alone equated to a recipe for disaster. The image of them charging full tilt toward an army of vampires so flashed into her mind, her eyes widening and yet she could hardly bite back her own chortling laugh that escaped her, causing the woman to shake her head softly before meeting Matteo's gaze. Alright.

Matteo then informed her of that solemn vow of silence, that encouragement to coax that horse to talk. "I think I could learn something from him.." She eyed the stallion silently studying him thoughtfully for a moment. She could hardly imagine not speaking her mind, not when she used those very words as a weapon.

The fairy rarely used names, so when he did, Harley was prone to listen, seizing upon that readily offered name as if it carried some importance Harley hadn't the faintest clue of. Alexander and staff. Was he a horse master of sorts? "Alexander? Does he speak fluent horse or something?" She considered that name for a moment longer, her gaze shifting from Matteo back to that challenge that stood before her, Darius. That wave of determination to settle upon her features then, unsure if she even knew she could get that mind connection working in the first place. At the very least, she intended to try. She reached for those strange threads of that mental connection that felt as bizarre as it sounded. 'hey.. is this thing on?' Speaking with her mind was distinctly different than the use for her actual voice and yet she attempted. She frowned then unsure how it even worked, it felt like some kind of weird circuit board within her brain that she hardly wished to mess with. Yet, it was somehow apart of her now. 'Are you some kind of weird monk? Or maybe you simply choose to be the strong extra silent type?' Hell, that vow of silence would explain everything and yet the thought seemed to amuse her all the same. She waited for a moment, only to come up silent. 'Nothing? Come on, at least give me something to baffle the man with. He won't see it coming.'

Matteo suddenly appeared upon his infuriatingly quiet steed Harley couldn't help but notice the way he looked on that unflappable warhorse. It truly suited him and judging by that chronic confident air about Matteo, he knew it too. The vibrant eyed woman's comment brought that smile upon his face. It wasn't every day you saw a sexy guy on a horse, her eyes glanced at the duo almost appreciatively. "You definitely don't see this every day." Her lips quirked slightly. She was stalling, maybe just a little, that mention of revenge almost too good to pass up. The next moment she found her own hand within his own, being hoisted atop the fellow were's back and her arms so wrapped around the singular thing that kept her from sliding off the Darius' well-rounded rump. She wiggled into a position where she felt somewhat secure, pleasantly flush against the man's back before Matteo urged his steed onward, she hardly anticipated the way he so leaped forward fearlessly, headfirst toward that wall. Those words are driven by fear slipping out of her mouth, including that shortened nickname. He hardly seemed like a Mat... and somehow Teo seemed to slide from her tongue with surprising ease. How she was unaware of the weight of her own choice of words in that moment, the woman far more concerned crashing into that wall. How tight her hold had grown around the fairy's waist, her eyes squeezing shut for but a moment. Within only a moment, they were no longer within the cozy atmosphere of her own home and trotting down a barren street she hardly caught the name of while she feared for her own wellbeing. But judging by her surroundings it made it quite potently clear they were within the west. Those sprawling industrial buildings gave it away immediately. Well someone sprinkled a whole lot of wonderful on her night. This part of town was certainly her least favourite place to be.

It was Matteo's words that tugged at her attention once more to his teleporting horse. " Not too shabby a power for a magical pony. I think I prefer this disorienting feeling over crashing into my wall any day. How does he know where to go?" It was a good thing she had an iron stomach that mimicked her very resolve, or she was certain that the queasiness of that jump could have caused the contents of her stomach lurching out of her. It certainly, did not feel good, which was only a small price to pay for instant gratification of appearing where you needed to be at any given time.

That mention of her hold, however, only caused an amused sound to escape her then, that utterance trailing swiftly behind. "Stronger than I look, huh?" Harley tried to lessen that hold, only a fraction to allow the poor guy to breathe, entirely unaware how tightly she clung to him, nor her own strength of her suffocating grip. She felt more like she was hugging him with an unyielding force of a vice grip, her chin lifts slightly to rest on his shoulder, relishing in that body heat he radiated for a moment before that horse's gait had slowed to a casual walk. It afforded her the opportunity to focus on her own balance a few moments passing before she allowed her hands to slide to his very hips.

That mention of his revenge held such an infectious conviction. How she wished she had that same luxury of time. "I hope I am around to see it." She admitted almost grimly, sliding her chin off his shoulder as that realization of where they were settling in. Her whole body felt encased in ice, nearly forgetting the simple act of breathing as she simply stared at the place he had brought her. This was certainly not Blue Moon, but Syn's doorstep. The woman's entire body went rigid as a board, her heartbeat racing frantic within her chest like it fully intended to run away from her, if only it could break free of its bone cage. Hold the phone, this was not where she had expected to be. Not here. Take her to any vampire bar in that city, but here. Why did it have to be this one? Another omission on Matteo's part.

She had only just escaped it earlier this evening and here the hell she came parading down the street right to where those fiends she so hated dwelled. You know that recipe for disaster she had thought of earlier? Well, it had bypassed disaster station and streamlined straight away to nuclearville. She just needed to focus on her own breathing, to focus on the task at hand. Oh, what the hell even was that? She had hardly known.

It was Matteo's voice that seemed to help that frayed resolve, giving her something for that runaway mind to focus upon. How quick she was to connect those dots and yet so oblivious to the ones pertaining to her. No wonder why this was so personal for him, he had lives he cared about on the line. Risque possessed his people. It would have pissed her off too, how he had managed to cling to that composure he clung to was unnerving. This mission was equal revenge for both of them, from all they have suffered from that hellish mistress' callused hand, along with all those other assholes who lived within those concrete walls. A heavy sigh suddenly drew from her lips as she stared at that sign that stared her in the face. This was her reality. Her future. That single utterance that left the French man's lips was nothing more than secretive and yet equally revealing all at once. Was Tetradore really a victim here? Because from where she stood, he seemed more like just another tormentor. What did Matteo know that she didn't? It didn't add up. It felt like a steady line of Tetris pieces that were never designed to fit. Her voice grew quiet then, her voice hardly carrying its normal conviction as she asked how many people he had trapped in that very hell. His own voice seemed like a shadow within the night. How quiet the usual carefree fae had become, that singular word uttered with far more weight than anticipated. She didn't dare to ask who those remaining two people were, the woman hardly considering herself. Her vibrant purple eyes reflecting the light from that neon sign, it was just a damn sign and why the fuck did it bring on such dread. 'Hell' is what it should have read. Not Syn.

Too soon her head echoed. She wasn't ready to enter that prison, the place that had stolen the remaining fragments of her life like some cruel joke meant for the cosmos. Maybe she was far more damaged than she had let on. Yet, how could she allow herself to miss out on that plan she had already agreed to? She couldn't. She hardly knew where that certainty came from in this, for him. With a deep stolen breath of that night city air, she nodded to herself as if scraping the rest of her resolve... for this. Whatever the fuck this was. She couldn't let him go in there alone. This much she was certain of and she would be damned if she missed out on her own chance to gain a little revenge for herself.

She had been through worse she had assured herself. She would drag her goddamn soul behind her in the abrasive dirt if she had to. That utterance held more conviction than she had intended and yet she meant those very words. She could do this.

A moment later, she uttered that similar sentiment, swallowing down that thunderous heartbeat. How alluring that heartbeat would be to those vampires inside if she couldn't get a grip on herself. "Let's do this.." That assuredness found her without fail. When they began to drive forward, she gripped tighter to where her fingers had already been, digging into the fabric of his jacket. That second time teleporting felt far better than the first and yet still no less disorienting when she hardly knew where they would end up. She attempted to scan her surroundings, amongst the cars in that parking lot. How no one saw them was a mere stroke of luck or was it something else? Had Matteo planned this down to the very second? How that thought seemed to fill her mind with wonder before the French fae easily slid off the horse with seamless precision, immediately she felt the loss of his presence. Harley's hands falling to the back of that saddle before grasping that helping hand to soon join him upon the ground, that decent far more deceptive than she had realized. That fall had her knees bending slightly to absorb that impact of her boots meeting the ground. Her kitty reflexes making that landing almost completely silent as if she had padding on her feet. Interesting. Straightening she looked into the face that may very well cause her premature death and yet here she was going on this insane obscure plan she had no idea of. Logic at its finest and yet she hardly let that stop her. Once her mind her made there was very little hope in changing it. Her mind remained focused, fixed on that very notion of revenge as Matteo rummaged through those saddle bags as Harley watched curiously on, a few steps away. Her companion producing gloves and a spray can. Were they going to vandalize the place? She had a few choice words she could see defiling that very building with. Unfortunately, it was not paint within those cans as he easily spoke the beginnings of his plan sprouting from him. His words uttered with a distinct purpose. "Complete incognito mode. I got it. We are ninjas with a billboard on our backs." She teased before he suddenly leaned forward that very action had her heart racing for an entirely different reason, their bodies close enough that she could feel more of that heat she seemed to want. His scent was delicious as it was toying with her very senses. He seamlessly reached to pull that hood, tucking her raven locks away with distinct care. More care than the woman had ever known. His silvery eyes met her own at that moment, their gazes locked for a fraction of a moment and in that very fragment of time, she had forgotten where they were.

That motion toward her shirt was offered suddenly, directing her attention elsewhere, her eyes looking down toward her none-too-subtle shirt. A grim smile touched her lips slightly. "What? You don't think vampires will appreciate the irony?" She questioned, her voice teasing as if to try and relieve that very tension lingering between them. One she was almost certain was one-sided. This might be the shirt she died in.... fuck. That sucks. She instantly regretted her choice before Matteo moved away, taking his delicious warmth with him. She zipped up that jacket without complaint, rolling her shoulders as if to check her mobility, surprised to find it fitting her to the letter. If she got caught.. she had every intention of fighting, but she had to be able to move to do so. Even if such a thing would have been a losing battle. She slipped on those gloves before spraying herself in a generous cloud of that strange spray, her nose wrinkling at the subtle but odd scent. Like.... Stale dog paws.. no. more like popcorn? Matteo's gaze studiously watching the doors and the distant bustle of people entering and leaving. She happened to like the way the shadows concealed them, a near-blind spot to keep them from view. "Not the worst smelling thing and not the best.. it works.. you don't even smell like you.." That admittance leaving her all the same, spraying that can at his backside playfully. "You missed a spot.." She said quite impishly before turning toward that horse, sliding the can back into the pocket he had pulled them from. "Don't get eaten. One of the cats might mistake you for a zebra." She muttered to Darius then moving off to her waiting companion.

Side by side they strode smoothly toward those dreaded doors just as a drunk woman stumbled out of it, before being followed by a seemingly sober man. Something predatory in his stance, standing almost protectively near her as if always within grabbing distance. Vampire. A soft sigh escaped her, trying to repel that unpleasant feeling that washed over her but not given enough time to take root. Another sad, common scenario. Her own hope left was that she could survive the night. She fought that growl that suspended, lodged somewhere within her own throat before being met with more of Matteo's obscure plan. That plan spoken almost conspiratorially. "I've heard of it... I decided to make myself knowledgeable on where not to go." But she had no idea it was a rival bar, she shouldn't have been surprised that Risque had rivals and enemies on a mile long list. Once that plan was spoken, she had to admit that despite how risky it was, it was.... Decidedly smart. As long as no one saw their faces. They could potentially get away unscathed. "I think with this hood, I won't have a hard time concealing my mug."

Harley was then handed that usb, her gloved fingers wrapping around it before deftly slipping it within the depths of her pocket. She suspected he planned on explaining its use later. She nodded towards him as they easily entered those large heavy thick doors, that belonged fare more on a castle than a club. They were immediately met with that loud music assaulting her sensitive ears. The scents of alcohol, sweat, and desire laced thickly within the air. So many people. That had fortunately bypassed the bouncer, Randall, who could forget that face. The large vampire was currently trying to break up a fight. It was Matteo who kept her focused, leading her within the depths of that club, taking a roundabout way through the throng of partiers. So many humans littered that club, like ripe, low hanging fruit so easily plucked. She dared to look up, catching a glimpse of that smug-faced southern vampire upon that balcony, without a care in the world. Shit. Her eyes widened, immediately dropping her chin, looking downwards toward her leather clad feet as those shadows hid her face. They made their way near the DJ table as those strobe lights danced around them to the beat of the blaring music. Just under the platformed section, she had seen Darcy, casually sipping on his drink overseeing all the goings on. Too fucking close for her damn comfort. She swallowed down those nerves, remembering this was her chance to get a little slice of payback.

Asshole.. her mind seethed, her eyes narrowing at that thought, clinging to that familiar defiance and anger instead of the fear that warred with her better judgment. Fear gets you killed, she reminded herself. Suddenly, she felt Matteo's arms pulling her into him, her attention wholly focused upon his silver eyes.. woah hello there. The way their bodies so pressed together, her own arms easily wrapping around him, leaving her hands to settle somewhere near his waist. That fluid action caught the woman off guard and yet she hardly struggled from that sweet embrace. How easy it could have been to simply give into that man. It was fortunate that his candy-like scent was concealed from her. How that feline seemed to relish in that very contact, curious of those hands that could have drifted lower.

This was one way to be distracted, for a whole moment she forgot about that sinister presence of that lurking vampire overhead. She relaxed into that very hold as he leaned forward, his lips drawn close to her ear for those instructions. Focus Harley, focus. Her very life depended on not fucking up this imperative moment that defined everything. His plan did little to offer her comfort, that was his fucking plan? To let Darcy see her? This had bad news written all over it and yet here she was putting her blind trust into the very man who held her life in his hands. If Darcy caught her, she was done for. The food she stuffed her face with earlier seemed to churn within her belly in warning. Listen to your gut they say... Her gut said fuck this shit I am out and yet, she hardly pulled away. Instead, she merely questioned about that usb. "I just plug it in? I don't have to do anything else?" Wasn't there a file she had to click on? Or a folder she had to place it within? "Her office? Fucking hell. There are a lot of ifs in this plan.. but fuck it. What's the worst that could happen? Never mind, let's not answer that one... Alright, let's hope you see this face in a few minutes. If not.. drink lots of tequila in my honour." She rambled on a tangent of her own making. She fucking hoped she trusted the right damn fae. She pulled back just enough to meet his eye in earnest, his face was so close she could see the intricate patterned within his silver gaze. "Stay safe." At the very least he could teleport out of there. Her? She was simply free falling without checking to see if the parachute worked. Only Harley could find herself in these impossible scenarios, embracing it with open arms.

Those minutes slipped away far too quickly than she would have liked as that interchange within that booth ensnared her attention, that DJ finishing his shift as anticipated. How hard could this be? Shove the damn stick into the computer.. easy. She could manage that simple task. What could go wrong? She drew in an anchoring breath after the Frenchman and her parted ways. She barely had a chance to pause as she strode with singular purpose toward those doors that entered that unguarded booth. She didn't steal a glance toward that overhead balcony even though it took every ounce of willpower not to. Harley lost herself into the sound of that music and her sole purpose, she played over and over like a song on repeat. She entered that DJ booth as if she belonged there, watchful eyes scanning the sheer number of switches and lights and knobs glaring up at her in an accusatory fashion as though it knew she didn't belong there. Her gaze quickly honed in on that computer, hoping she hadn't been seen yet. She had already prepared that USB from her pocket before slipping it within that port. Scanning the screen she awaited for some sign that it worked. Nothing happened.. "Shit." She uttered with conviction. Those gloves didn't really give much in the way of being registered on the touchpad of the laptop but she eventually was able to navigate to that very file upon that USB. She double clicked, surprised that her hands weren't shaking. Seconds felt like long ass minutes. "Work dammit.." She encouraged uselessly. In an instant, a loading bar and a satisfying black screen took over. She near let out a sound of relief. When the music abruptly shifted, she pulled out that stick, stuffing it in her pocket abruptly. Oh shit, this was the cue. With a final glance, she considered fucking with those knobs before leaving. No. she chastised herself. Stick to the damn plan. Now she just had to escape without getting caught.

Harley could not help but wonder how well her companion was fairing as that jovial music started to flood over the speakers. Grace Kelly? It was about time her and that fae have a discussion on music selection. What a contrast to that dark music that had just been playing, it was almost amusing. She stole a single glance out at the crowd, many patrons already ceasing their dancing and looking around with disgruntled puzzled faces. Those very looks she would remember fondly. Harley made her grand escape hoping she had some time to spare.

It would appear time was not on her side after she had closed that door behind her. She heard that familiar accented voice of Darcy barking something to someone nearby, her face paling at that familiar sound. Harley was quick to move down that corridor Matteo had told her about. Fuckity fuck.. This wasn't part of the plan.. she was sure of it. She just kept moving as fast as her legs could carry her. "I'm sorry for being mean to you earlier legs.. just don't fail me now and we are good.." She whispered under her breath to herself before sharply turning down that right when that hallway abruptly ended. Those dark walls seemed like a labyrinth to her doom. At least she didn't run into anyone. She heard just enough commotion, outrage muttered from those patrons who began yelling their irritation in the form of boos and cursing. Harley heard the sound of brisk footsteps, trailing quickly behind her. She flattered herself against a doorway, the nearest small nook in the wall she could find. She tried to make herself as small as she could. The sound of those clinking spurs sent her heartbeat racing.

She was so fucking close and yet she was going to die in some stupid passageway. Harley held her breath, closing her eyes, as though if she couldn't see him, he couldn't see her. She heard a sharp voice belonging to the kitten queen herself calling out Darcy's name to summon him to her. That was quick.. and perfectly timed. She had never been more thankful for the devil herself. The cowboy halted suddenly, she swore she could hear the wrinkling of his clothes when he moved he was that close before retracing his own steps, vanishing the way in which he had come. In an instant Harley's legs near gave out, almost sinking to the floor, exhaling abruptly that breath she had been holding for far too long. That was... too close. For a few long seconds, she tried to capture her composure again before virtually running to find that door to Risque's office. Her glove-clad hand hesitating for the barest of moments before sliding into that room like a cat burglar, with little more than a hope that she wasn't going to have any rude surprises. She closed that door, panting like she had run a marathon. Her eyes catching the familiar sight of her fae companion with relief washing over her. "You made it, we fucking made it.." She uttered fondly and proud, never being so relieved to see that very man before a burst of laughter escaped her. Abrupt and unbidden. Releasing all the stress that built up within her tormented body. She wondered if these walls had ever seen laughter and yet she hardly cared, somehow his ridiculous plan had worked. She leaned against that wall with her full weight for support. "If by revenge... you mean assaulting those vampires sensitive ears with some of the most annoying songs known to man... you succeeded." Her gaze soon trails almost warily toward those waiting silver chains and manacles, hanging ominously. A reminder of how helpless she had once felt a sensation to fuel that anger for those vampires that remained just outside this door, her expression darkening all the same.

Harley Westward