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Just leave me to my solitude, it's where I feel at home;

Posted on June 13, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

Harley could not deny it felt nice to let the world slip away from her grasps, allowing those moments to be free from the weight of those burdened thoughts. To be blissfully free for a few short moments, despite it was all a deceptive lie. Those consistently lingering memories dwelling within her like an uninvited squatter refusing to leave. No there was nothing wrong with the burdened wishing to escape.. if only for a little while and Matteo seemed assured enough to admit just that. But weeks? "That sounds like a hell of a lot to forget." She spoke those words almost softly into the room, considering closely what would make someone want to lose themselves for weeks on end even though the appeal whispered to her, not that she would heed that call. She couldn't afford to. "What would you want to forget that badly anyways?" She soon questioned, Harley rarely keeping those questions to herself even though his likelihood of answering her honestly was slim.

How distracting it was with the fairy at her back, his breath trickling down the sensitive flesh nothing short of teasing her frayed senses. She couldn't help but straighten at the assault against her body, that curious desire like burning coals in the pit of her stomach, her body, in this position seemed to be at his very mercy. The talking certainly helped though, to distract her mind of these forbidden thoughts. While that banter flowed with its usual ease so that Harley took comfort it. Was it wrong she found his presence comforting? That laughter escaped him which caused her own lips to twitch into a smile, accompanied with a derisive snort in retort to his comment. Like hell he would show up while she gave birth and like hell, she would even get knocked up in the first place. "I hate to break it to you, but your going to have to get your rocks off some other way. I can pretty much guarantee that won't happen." An easy admittance, her face the perfect mask of defiance despite the weakness that still weighed down her figure. For most people, she was quite sure their lives had that within their cards. Not that Harley wanted children, they were nothing short of tiny terrorists that absolutely terrified her.

Some people may have had that happy future in their cards, but ever since she could remember she had always been dealt a dismal hand. She was under no delusions that the rest of her life would be anything but more of the same. Matteo had once said she was to be free... perhaps freedom in a world that has gone mad was enough. But happiness, true happiness was a sham, a wolf in sheep's clothing. She refused to let those thoughts linger in her mind for long, despite her mind was practically a breeding ground for that darkness that would have happily taken control then. Matteo unknowingly keeping it at bay with his distracting... everything. She was content to cling to that, to those pretty illusions that everything would be alright.. that she had an ally, at least for now. Perhaps... she was more hopeful than she had given herself credit for.. considering she had somehow allowed another person in her life even though she knew better. Yeah, she fucking hurt like hell right now, that bite wound seemed like child's play in comparison to her life as a whole.

That mention that he was horrible at hangovers and that statement almost brought a laugh to the surface but died somewhere within her throat. Soon after, that shirt was gone and that flirtatious banter only fueled further by her lack of clothing, he simply couldn't seem to help himself and in truth, neither could she. The woman was quite certain he could charm the clothing off of anyone and make it seem like it was their idea. His blatant assessment of her body, especially her chest brought an almost adorable sheepish expression, that mention that he was merely admiring her eyes. Yeah.. eyes... Only if they were located on her chest. It was easy to shoo him away playfully. In attempts to hide her own amused grin as he settled once more behind her with that purpose to heal those very wounds. That conversation taking on a far deeper tone, they so delved as he explained those abilities and challenged her with that hypothetical. Conversation was easy with them, seamless. Even as they treaded into the darker shades of the reality of his power, the woman eager to delve into his world, simply to understand. In turn, she answered as truthfully as she could, willing to embrace that challenge wholeheartedly. That mention that they were similar seemed to offer some kind of comfort. The violet-eyed woman simply used to being a contrast to the people in her life made her strikingly different. That statement perhaps meant more than she truly realized at the time, a soft sigh escaping and that conversation shifted. That declaration that he had finished had surprised her. Already? No tricks up his sleeve besides, perhaps, taking advantage of viewing her feminine figure. A small price to pay considering she was healed. Yet, he didn't dare to cross that line, that strange ever moving line that seemed to be between them. She wondered if Matteo had healed more than just her wounds with his power because she was feeling so drastically better now that she had full mobility again and better yet... No pain. She provided him with that promised gift, a thank you of sorts and a promise of a card she would have to find later. That card sitting within her dresser drawer in her bedroom.

Yet even as she turns to go and wash the memories and grime that clung to her skin, his voice slices through the room with her name uttered. It felt strange hearing her name considering he always called her that French calling. She wondered if he simply forgot it sometimes with all the people he mingled with. She slowly turned, as if anticipating something. "Yes, Matteo?" She questioned, her voice far softer, her body turning to face him, her body left heavy with those unspoken words left between them.

It took no time for that teasing expression to meet his handsome face before he spoke those words. He fucking had her going, she swore she could feel her heart rate beginning to elevate. She rolled her eyes in response, waving her hand almost dismissively. "Well, someone had to even the score. It serves for more tension." She uttered sarcastically, as the fairy summons what seems to be a jacket before offering it to her. That logo on the front regaining her somewhat lost composure. Is that where they were going? Another vampire bar? She grabbed it, looking at it and then tilting her head upwards once more. Immediately a sense of dread like cold ice surged through her body, a vampire establishment was surely the last place she ever intended to go. Especially so soon after her own torment. She could feel her lip start to curl in a fashion that seemed entirely displeased feline, that expression the woman was hardly aware of except for that very dread. The only utterance of war has her ensnared, her fingers clutching that leather tightly as though they were claws, sinking into the supple material, that look of determination so finding her resolutely, the thought of revenge seeming... like the best outlet for the raven-haired woman. Nothing healthier than getting revenge on those very enemies she despised with her whole being. She didn't need much convincing, her face taking on that air of determination. He should have started with that. He had ignited a flame that refused to go out, it flared at the prospect. Yet, she could not help that last spoken warning, perhaps only partially teasing as she was serious.

If this all went to hell in a handbasket, which she suspected it would.. If she died, she would make damn sure to haunt him and Tetradore both. Tetradore for being the ass that turned her into a goddamn cat and Matteo for getting her killed. She easily ignored his own eye roll, he thought she was joking. "You think I am kidding.. I'm dead serious." She said with a confident challenge infused within her voice, that quirk of her lips almost devious before responding to his own brand of sarcasm, the pun not lost upon her. Befriending his ghosts, now that didn't seem that bad of an idea now did it? Perhaps not in the clusterfuck that was her life. "Maybe that wouldn't be the worst idea I've ever heard.. I am sure your ghost friends and I would have a lot to talk about. Alllll the secrets they would share about you." That unspoken threat hanging ominously between them for a moment before she so pilfered a chocolate from his stash, examining that chocolate between her pinched fingers briefly. That look only serving to amuse her before making her way to the shower, but not without pause. That internal infliction taking over. Those parting words were definitely something to ruminate over. She wished she turned around to see his face before she left because, for the first time, the French fae was rendered speechless. She could hear the echo of his laughter when she entered the bathroom before she joined him in her own quiet laughter before turning that water on, indulging within that shower alone.

Once polished and ready, Harley burst out of the room, a force of nature, rejuvenated, dressed, sporting that Blue Moon jacket with a brand-new source of vigor. She felt good, not perfect, but good enough to take on the world until she allowed herself to crash, hoping even despite that exhaustion she could actually welcome the sweet embrace of sleep. At first, she hardly registers the massive polished black stallion in her home, who with a rational mind could? She froze once through the door as if she had simply stopped computing. There was a goddamn horse in her living room. This world she lived in just kept getting weirder and weirder by the moment. Her blazing eyes widen displacing that utter shock, her lips parted as if her jaw was on a broken hinge. What in the actual fuck? Was she hallucinating? Wouldn't be the most farfetched thing that could have happened. The thought of Risque's venom nearly made her shudder violently as though a skeleton finger traced down her spine. Her legs moving on their own accord drawing in closer, while Matteo was the picturesque image of calm.

"Apparently I can't leave you out of my sight. I said make yourself at home... and now there is a horse, just standing there like he's ready to go on a trail ride." She fucking hoped it didn't crap on her carpet, did that stuff even come out? Did anyone know? The imposing glistening black stallion turned his regal-looking head as if reading that shirt himself, there was almost something human in his gaze. She could feel that something was off about that inky black creature, he was like her. A were.. That thought never got any easier, did it? It was like she could smell it on him, no, sense it. She wasn't quite sure what it was but it was an unspoken neon sign that said 'not just a horse'. Harley could feel that strange mind connection and she pressed upon it.. wondering if he could speak. It was a damn good thing she swore to secrecy because there was no way in hell she could begin to explain this one to anyone.

"Well Darius... I guess we should make this clear. I will bite back." She warned that horse merely content to chew on that very bit before simply going back to ignoring her. Harley almost felt offended to be snubbed by a horse if she wasn't so entirely baffled by the entire situation. She crossed that distance toward the dark-haired fae who was the perfect mask of normalcy like he simply showed up in the living room of people on a regular basis. Harley eyed the dark equine once more, all suited up for he would even fit through the door she hardly freaking knew... Maybe. She had been wrong about the fae, maybe he was and truly bat shit insane. How could she miss the signs??

"I realize... you are really old and all.. and riding horses to where you need to go, might seem normal to you... But I have a perfectly good car that might take us there faster than if we rode a horse down the street and maybe.. you know.. way less unwanted attention." Hint hint, nudge nudge? God, she hoped he hadn't fallen off some ledge he couldn't come back from. She eyes him carefully, his words seemed same enough and yet everything about this was not.

"He does seem a little grumpy." She uttered in agreeance as Matteo informed the woman of his rehabilitation. Apparently, he had a thing for broken, mistreated creatures. Just how many questions she had burning in her mind, itching to claw its way to the surface apparently sparked by none other than a horse simply standing there, if he ruined something she was sure she was not getting her deposit back. Matteo seeming to inspire the woman's undoubtable curiousity. "So he's a mute huh? If anyone could get him to talk, I bet you I can." She smirked at the horse, considering that very challenge, eyeing the horse as if sizing him up.

Suddenly Matteo was gone, materializing upon the horses back but a breath of a second later. She had to admit as she let her eyes take in this visual feast that she was taken aback. The fact there was a horse in her home cast aside if only truly look at him before merely uttering appreciatively. "Horses look good on you.." She uttered as Matteo's hand easily reached out toward her, in turn causing her vibrant eyes to peer at it with a suspiciousness. So, they were really going to do this mounting a horse inside thing. The ancient fae must have sensed her hesitation or saw the confusion written all over her face.

"That was a good motivational speech, I felt it.. I suppose I have abandoned normal a long time ago, so I shouldn't be so surprised... Besides, you know better than anyone... that you had me.. at revenge. So consider me to be as embraced as I am going to get." She could hardly believe her own damn eyes, let alone that she was getting on a horse with possibly no way out. If this is what was needed to embrace the weirdness that was now her life than so be it. There surely could be worse things than climbing upon on a horse with Matteo. She placed her hand in Matteo's, his hand warm and strong within her own. She placed her other hand on the horse's rump for support. "Sorry" she muttered apologetically to Darius for essentially grabbing his ass. In a swift movement, she found almost too damn easy, the French fae so easily lifted her up so she could manage to slide her leg over woah, he certainly felt.... Tall. She sat up almost proudly, surveying her comfortable apartment below, damn grateful that she got the apartment with the tall ceilings. It already paid off. She wiggled to find a certain comfort before she so easily found his waist.

Harley's words were severed off short like someone had taken a pair of scissors to them and simply snipped them from existence. His own name barely met her lips, cutting it off without a mere thought. "What the fuck Teo, you're going to get us..." Killed.. injured? Those were only a few options that entered her mind as they moved into a powerful pace to run head first into her wall. She clung onto him so tight she wondered if her arms would go through him. She pressed her cheek against his back, hardly having the time to enjoy that scent of his as a gasp escapes her. Her eyes squeezed shut so tightly she saw no light. Just blackness and him. Until she felt the fresh cool outside air at her face and was met with the sharp sound of clopping of hooves into a steady gait, a smooth and yet jarring trot she felt her body bouncing to. That very movement had her grip still firmly in place. "Jesus... what was that?" That unease still lingering within her frame and those words that were all but muttered into his back.

One moment they were within the safety of her apartment, the next they were riding alongside the darkened streets of the west. Darius' hooves clip-clopping in an echoing resounding sound on the asphalt. How easily they blended into the darkness on that seemingly abandoned road on some epic mission she was hardly privy of. How tightly she had still clung to the fairy in front of her as if her very life depended solely upon him to not fall to her doom. Her very hands could have left impressions on his shirt for how tightly she had been gripping, her body flush with his back, not intending to stray from that very spot. Her inner cat actually enjoying that warmth that radiated from him, lost in his scent and yet she wouldn't dare let go. She was more than certain that grumpy Darius would have no qualms with throwing her if given the chance, especially with her ass out of the saddle. It would seem they hardly made a saddle for two. She could feel the power with every movement the majestic steed took those honed muscles that were trained. She had seen horses, even rode a few in her youth, but they were clumsy old fat things in comparison to this creature. He was a horse designed for a purpose. A war horse she found herself thinking. How fitting considering that was exactly what they were planning. It was only when she was sure they were only at a walk, she straightened, her arms loosening their hold somewhat before taking in her surroundings, her hands falling to his hips, still holding on just in case Darius decided to pull a stunt. But she was hardly thinking of such things. No, she had bigger horrors to face other than falling off this magical were-horse.

Bigger things like the familiar building of Syn staring at her right in the face, the sound of thudding music tormenting her ears. She stiffens against him, a rumbling snarl threatening to loosen from deep within her throat, that feline in her reacting in unison. Apparently, something they could agree on. That place was hell. He took her to Syn.. why the hell would he take her here? A frown fixed itself upon her face then and yet she says nothing, eyeing that building with a seething hatred as if it were Risque or Darcy itself.

That mention of dramatics nearly had her rolling her eyes as she spoke and yet, he could make light in the face of the corrosive shadows. "You do not like to lose, do you?" That wry tone returning just long enough to say those words, her voice possessing a tenseness to it as those nerves assaulted her battered psyche.

Too soon this was all too soon to be here. Was there ever a good moment? Not facing these intelligent psychos there wasn't.

Matteo twisted his head and upper body within the saddle as if to face her as much as possible, as though sensing her unease wafting from her in impressive waves. Darius moving that steady slow-moving walk down the street, a steely set of resolve she was envious of in those fleeting moments where hers had temporarily fled in shock. Harley gripped tighter onto Matteo's hips so she could pull back just enough to meet the silvery depths of his gaze as he spoke, even though she never once wanted to let them leave that building of nightmares. Her own fear seemed stuffed down at the mention of Risque harming something he loved and that mention of fondness for someone, his wording was tricky, saying no names or his expressing hinting just to whom he referred to. She was usually quick to piece together those infinite puzzle pieces and deduce what was unspoken but now, she is blinded. "That person you mentioned earlier.. the one who survived.. that damage wasn't from Risque was it?" Well, not completely oblivious as long as it didn't pertain to her it would seem and yet she should have thought of Tetradore. "Just how many people you care about are stuck in that hell hole?" She could hardly hide that disbelief within her words, that question fresh upon her tongue.

Harley seemed stunned, frozen in place, part of her wanted to cower even despite being so strong in the face of danger. Now she faltered. It would seem even though while her once battered body had mended, her mind needed some time to catch up. Could she do this while those wounds that marred her insides were so fresh? He finished his speech and it was good, it would seem the fairy was quite good at stirring the flames of inspiration just as he wreaked havoc on her senses. Regardless of the case, the option remained her own. A choice which had been robbed from her far too many times in her life. She sighed, drawing in a steadying breath, her eyes a purple flame of hell-bent determination powered from that desire to give those vampires a taste of their own medicine, still lurking with a potency nestled inside of her. They could beat her, they could try and break her, but they couldn't have her. Not really. The woman with a warrior's essence nodded solidly, full of resolve despite that tiny speck of fear that buried itself deep within her gut. Perhaps that very speck that would keep her alive. God dammit, she was going mad she was sure of it and she couldn't quite care. Her choice was made the moment she mounted that magical pony.

"You think I would let you go in there on your own... and let you have all the fun? I don't think so. I am in. Tell me what you need me to do." That statement perhaps betraying that very trust within the Frenchman, however foolish that might have been she hardly cared. The she-panther fully prepared to rely on her gut on this one even though it had let her down in the past. Or perhaps showing that hatred for those bloodsuckers far surpassed her own icy fear for the hellish creatures that seemed so deadest on breaking her. It was time to give them a taste of damage they inflicted. Or so she hoped.

Harley Westward