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Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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River Dale

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been searching in the dark, sweat soaking through the floor

Posted on May 02, 2020 by MATTEO

how fate does so love the restless

This, Matteo was willing to admit, was not quite the entrance he had intended on making to that family gathering. The Frenchman was more than a little perturbed at his own rather poor landing within that car and yet, as was so often the case with the curious Fae, Matteo so distinctly refused to show it as he strode in from that veritable wreck to face the vast majority of his family. The Frenchman was distinctly pleased Alexander had not been here to witness that....landing. It had been years since he had teleported an entire car while driving. At the very least the car had made it in one piece. That was something of an achievement, wasn't it? That very look upon Aiden's face suggested otherwise. Matteo, for now, was content to avoid his younger son's gaze. The veritable eruption from the Were King was imminent all the same. Matteo, for now, was content to at least attempt to greet that woman his son had kept hidden from him for months. Matteo stepped into that living room with the same casual ease in which the man seemed to do most things, his gaze quick to focus on the striking hispanic woman who appeared nothing but shocked at his son's side. Really, he supposed, he had been a little unfair to the girl and yet their interaction upon that dock had shown him far more of her than mere words alone would deduce. Such an intriguing woman she was! One with a rather distinct and curious future. Ah, how little she surely knew of her role to play in all this! Of her....importance to that family she had barely met. No one else, it seemed, had bothered to properly introduce the poor woman. Especially not as what she was. Aiden's girlfriend.

How distinctly potent that singular title was. Aiden and Mira both, he knew, having danced around that very word for weeks now. Indeed, without his intervention the couple had been destined to dance around it for several more before finally coming to settle upon that agreed nomenclature. Frankly, fate did not have time to wait for them to assign a title to their relationship. Matteo, despite his efforts to remain out of Aiden's relationship (and Aiden's efforts to keep him out), had grown frustrated waiting for his son to do as he should and afford the woman the title she deserved. It was hardly surprising that Aiden would take so long and yet that waiting had run its course. Aiden clearly needed a little...push in the right direction. Mira, in turn, was quick to seize onto those words, the young woman attempting to stutter out some rebuttal, declaring that Tetradore and she were just....what? Matteo's silver gaze lingered near expectantly upon the woman for several moments as if he so anticipated her to find whatever word she was looking for. His features, despite that seriousness, so unable to hide that impishness that found his gaze. Ah, but surely he should not be so harsh on her! That faintest of simpers tugged gently at the Frenchmans lips, whatever words the man had been about to offer were cut short by Dorian's sudden interruption. His eldest son was clearly put out by those flowers. Matteo's insistence that he would fix those flowers seemed to be enough, for now, to render the younger Fae silent. Sebastian, beside him, seemed to be equally unwilling to speak as Matteo's attention returned to Mira once more. His hand so gently offered toward her at last.

Mira seemed to eye that offered hand with clear suspicion, such a thing surely not unusual given their last interaction and yet, after barely a moment's pause, her hand extended near boldly to take his own. Ah, how pleasing! Her very words, in turn, insisted he had surely excelled at those first impressions the rest of his family had not. Matteo, this time, unable to prevent that warm simper that found his features. How readily he appreciated her humour. Mira, within her own mind, seemed to piece together several of those conclusions.

"Oui, I fear it might have been a little more impressionable than I desired. Aiden will not murder me though, no, but he is thinking it I am certain. As for his name- I think Aiden himself is best to answer that for you later."

Even Sebastian, it seemed, was taken aback by Mira's sudden declaration that Aiden 'hated' his name. Matteo, in turn, was nearly equally curious of how his son intended to explain such things to his companion and yet the Frenchman so attempted to rescue Aiden from that conversation here and now all the same. Matteo's words indicating that such a discussion, perhaps, was better left for Mira and Aiden alone later within the evening and not with Dorian and Sebastian so looking on. Matteo's introduction of himself seemed to prompt no small measure of surprise in Mira in turn, the young woman attempting to suggest that the near ancient Fae was so....her words seemed to trail off. Matteo, this time, inclined to allow both eyes to rise in curiosity. A clear amusement found his features once more as a soft chuckle rose within his throat.

"I am so what, Mon Cherie? I am most curious to hear the end of that sentence."

Ah, how many different endings that sentence might have! Matteo was assured he had heard them all over the years. The Frenchman was entirely curious of just which word Mira would choose and yet Aiden, as he had anticipated, had so seemingly reached the veritable end of his patience. The emotional distress of that night had so at last caught up to the Were King. Aiden, even in his youth, had been distinctly....poor at handling those more difficult emotions. It was so hardly the man's fault in any sense and indeed, Aiden had been pushed to the very brink this evening. That outburst was hardly unanticipated and yet that room seemed to fall to near shocked silence once more as Aiden all but unleashed the pent up outrage and hurt and stress and anger upon him in that sharply delivered, curse word laden monologue. It had been a terribly long time, to long perhaps, since Aiden had properly yelled. Matteo's attention shifted quietly from Mira then. His silver gaze so at last meeting the emerald of Aiden's own. His younger son afforded his fullest attention now as Matteo simply stood silently to allow the younger man to finish. He had perhaps, pushed Aiden a little further tonight then he had intended. The man on the veritable brink of breaking down entirely. God, there was so much they had to discuss and yet here and now was hardly the place. Still, it was surely better that he drew Aiden's veritable fire towards himself rather than any other in the room. Dorian, Mira, Sebastian- they would hardly.....understand if the Were King all but unleashed at one of them. This so hardly the first time Aiden had shouted at him and indeed it would hardly be the last. A soft sigh left the Frenchmans lips, his words distinctly calm as he offered them.

"Aidun, I think thats-"

Matteo's own voice fell short at the boy's sudden command that Dorian take a picture of that destruction and send it to Alexander. A momentary look of alarm so briefly crossed the Frenchman features then. Dealing with Aiden was one thing, bringing his own Father into this was another. Alexander, he knew, would hardly take...well to that photograph. Matteo's attention shifted quickly toward Dorian then. That simple, sharp command seemed to halt the younger Fae. Dorian's words were all but cut off once more by the singular look the Monarch was provided with. Thank Christ he had managed to father at least one obedient son. Although that still left the other. Matteo's attention, once more, returned to Aiden in its entirety.

"Since when did you become a nark, Aidun?"

Whether or not the younger man was even familiar with the term he hardly knew. That threat of Alexander, it seemed, perhaps the only truly viable weapon to be used agianst Matteo in any sense. At least he had managed to stop Dorian sending that-. The sudden ringing of his own phone prompted the Frenchman's silver gaze downward once more. Matteo shifted slightly as he reached into his pocket, his own phone pulled from within, his gaze near instantly shifting to eye that screen. Alexander's name and number flashing upon it.

"It seems I have raised two narks."

Matteo's thumb moved to hit that 'end call' button. The Frenchman was already distinctly aware of how he would pay for that latter. The sudden sound of his message tone beeping seemed almost overly loud in that quiet space. Alexander's text message no doubt waiting to blast him the moment he opened it. Matteo's gaze remained upon his phone all the same. The man so refused to eye either of his sons at that moment. Matteo near suddenly pivoted on his heel to stride back towards the garden. His voice echoing behind him as he moved.

"I hope you're happy, Aidun! This is your influence corrupting your brother. That smug look better not be on your face by the time I get back in here. I might have my back to you but I fucking know when you've got that look on your face."

Matteo moved to step out and into the garden then, the Frenchman rolling his shoulders loosely as he did as if preparing for some physical activity. Children. He should never have had them; he was certain. If only creating them was not so entirely pleasurable. The energy that surrounded the near ancient Fae so seemed to surge in that moment. Matteo allowed one hand to rest on that Aventador, the other lifted upward to snap his fingers, sending that veritable burst of power throughout that garden. Those flowers were nearly instantly repaired. Each rose bush returned to its former glory. The grass once more quickly covered the tyre tracks. The fence and pots were repaired and returned to their unbroken and correct positions. The Lamborghinis paintwork once more pristine. That car seemed to move merely an inch or so until it sat out of the newly repaired bush. That damage Matteo had caused so easily undone. Everything restored to the way it should have been. His gift for teleportation seized him then. Matteo disappeared abruptly only to reappear before Aiden once more, those car keys held out towards him then before he neatly dropped them into his son's hand.

"Better, Aidun?"

That near pointed look the Were was given so near dared the younger man to argue. Matteo had failed to move that car from the garden and yet Aiden, he was certain, could manage that. In the very least no further harm would come to it in its current position upon the lawn. Dorian and Sebastian seemed to have attempted to engage Mira in some sort of conversation. Dorian offered her tea or coffee. Matteo took that opportunity to turn to Aiden once more, his hand briefly resting on his eldest son's shoulder.

"We'll fix it."

Those very words were hardly more than a soft murmur to Aiden alone. A softly uttered promise to repair far more than merely that garden tonight and yet the Frenchman said no more upon it for now as his hand returned to his side. That stolen moment so swiftly concealed as Matteo disappeared from sight, only to reappear upon the sofa. His toned figure lent casually into that plush cushioning. The Fae once more a near picture of relaxation.

"Have you nothing stronger than coffee, Sebastian? I think we are all passed coffee tonight, oui?"

Sebastian, he knew, was far more likely to bring them something more agreeable than mere coffee. Matteo's attention shifted from his son-in-law then to return to Mira. The Frenchman gesturing to that couch. A warm simper finding his lips then.

"I think we should like to hear more about you, Mira. How did you meet, Aidun? You are the first girlfriend he has ever brought home."

There it was again. That singular title Matteo was content to bestow upon her and yet....she had surely earned that title. She had put up with Aiden long enough to earn it. That alone was a feat. The Frenchman glanced briefly toward that fireplace, his fingers clicking once more and yet little more than the smallest of sparks seemed to momentarily dance atop those logs. Hmmm. How very displeasing. Another click of his fingers managed to yield the same result. Matteo, this time, scowling distinctly toward it.

"Oh, for heaven's sake."

His hands clapped together, the sudden sound seeming to prompt an eruption of blue flame within that fire place before it simmered down, shifting to a warm and pleasant orange-red fire. That comforting heat spreading slowly about the room.

"Thank you."

He uttered toward the fireplace. As if those flames had required the compliment. His attention returned to the room at large.

"Oh, the Alexander that Aidun mentioned before- and tattled on me too- is my Father and Aidun and Dorian's grandfather."

They had given Mira so many of those introductions already, they might as well finish them.