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Turn the lights out and lock this wicked world behind me;

Posted on June 06, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

The obvious topic shifted toward her affinity that had settled the moment she could finally get a grip of her own turbulent emotions. What a brutal catastrophe it could have been if she did not. A chuckle brought forth the French fae's lips as he so easily offered his assistance in the manner of her powers. That mention of learning together seemed to cause her eyes soften. It was somehow comforting to have an ally in this and yet how prone she was to thinking appearances simply were not what they seemed. "I would like that.. is it wrong to admit that it scares me?" That flash of vulnerability lingered for a moment, allowing it to fade. How fragile she was for that brief moment, knowing she had to be anything but so she shut it down.

More words uttered that she could not understand, in fact she half expected him to move out of the way before that impact hit that thankfully wasn't even that hard. It did seem to cut short his laughter that seemed to be at her expense. Did he not see it coming? She challenged with that mischievous gleam entering her eyes then. "I am afraid I am a hopeless cause." Especially when it had to do with Swedish it would seem, but she couldn't help but wonder if maybe.. she was destined to be hopeless.

How that conversation surged onward, that mention of that mysterious person in his life being he seemed to be assured was worse off than even her. It was quite apparent that if Matteo was not going to elaborate on the matter and Harley was simply not in the condition to press, at least not now. What she would have given to read minds around him, would she have been prepared for what she saw? Their gaze met and she dipped her head in a simple nod once, she searched for a possible slip within that careful expression, finding none. If that soul he spoke of was alive, then they lived another day to fight. Another day to change things to.. survive. It was better than the alternative.

That tantalizing food was almost too much to ignore, she inhaled it and with every amount she consumed the better she felt. Hell, minus those wounds she felt almost invigorated. The conversation returned to that night and Harley seemed far more prone to answer that question. "Of course, everyone has tells if you know what to look for.. its how I.. survived this long.." She shook her head once as if to rid herself of a thought. "It's not much... but it's something. If you see him smile.. you know someone is going to die or get hurt.. so you hope to fucking hell that there is someone else in the room to have sparked his anger.. The sweeter he is to you, he is simply trying to bait you into his trap.." That trap she fell in one too many times. There was little she could do about the past and she allowed those thoughts to slip away like a scent on a lone breeze.

It was then a thought had stuck her about those metal latches within doors, the doors of Syn were partially made of silver, but were those latches. Perhaps if she could use her affinity, she could have access to anywhere in that building without the use of a keycard. That mention of silver had nearly made her wince, recalling those silver embellishments on Darcy's gloves and how they burned her flesh. It brought a fierce, involuntary shudder to her all at once as she almost drew her hand towards her neck. "I have no desire in running back there anytime soon. I have to enjoy my freedom while it lasts." But at least when she was there it gave her something to work on... a puzzle to solve other than pissing off the vampires that so wanted to break her spirit.

The mention of that rocket launcher was something that brought a mischievous look upon her features then as a scoff parted from her lips. For some reason he seemed to think she was a threat to the city if given near apocalyptic fire power. Yet that easy smile still danced upon his lips. "Come on Matteo.. I don't know if I should be flattered you think I would be a threat or.. disappointed that you have such little faith in such a small little package. Plus, you should know more than any, the city doesn't have to worry." Just Syn and the vampires that belonged to it. That amicable sarcasm lingered within those words and yet... perhaps she was only partially playing. She rose a singular brow in slight mock challenge, did he truly think she would make this city fall? Although, she had to admit going in there with a rocket launcher was a tad dramatic. But was it any less dramatic than what happened only a few days prior?

Yet, to simply have those wounds erased from her body as though they hardly existed, well that was almost too good to pass up. That genuinely baffled look that claimed her features which prompted the fairy's own distracting laughter. She hardly trusted the betrayal of her own body around him and yet even still, that minor stipulation firmly in place, that no kill and tell policy had to spread to this. It was humiliating to be unable to remove such a simple article of clothing that she had removed a million times before without thinking of it. But now... one damn night with the vampires she loathed and she was robbed of even that and so much more she refused to give life to.

She swore she felt her heartbeat threaten to race, the distracting, intoxicating scent of him flooding her nostrils at his closeness that felt nothing short of hot in the proximity of her. She was almost entirely grateful for that explanation that he began to weave as he began to remove those blood riddled and tattered remains of her clothing. How her inner feline wished to press her own form against him and by sheer iron determination and that throbbing pain she remained utterly and perfectly still. Almost too still that she wondered if he noticed that she held her breath. For now, she simply got lost to those soothing accented lyrics, before it was replaced with a concern she could hardly control. Where it had come from, she hardly knew and yet she could hardly stop it regardless. Maybe it was unnoticeable within that sardonic humour that quickly trailed behind its heels.

That shudder could have easily been mistaken from that laughter at the nape of her neck, such a subtle thing that it could easily be dismissed from that evening breeze that swept through that room. Yet even though those seizures did not seem to afflict him as much now, that sense of concern still lingering slightly. These powers, those supposed gifts they possessed, had their own hardships within them, their own burden to bear. She hardly realized this before, until now.. with the seeding fear of her own power ominously shadowing over her. That admittance of using that alcohol as a crutch, she found surprising and yet equally not. He had seemed like he had his shit together, like he was unaffected by the world at large and yet even though she somewhat saw glimpses through that veil of a façade, it still surprised his admittance of it. That final statement, however, was perhaps one that was entirely relatable.. how many times she said those same words? Her mouth shifted to a grim line before contributing. "Anyone that says they haven't is lying... I even said those exact same words not that long ago.. Not that I can remember much after I said them though." She said almost guilty. It didn't solve anything, but it at the very least offered a semblance of reprieve in the darkness that has clouded over her life. She could not blame him from wanting that reprieve either. That simple sigh escaped him almost suddenly, another crack in that careful composure he had let slip. She turned slightly within his arms as much as her head was able to turn given her injuries to catch a glimpse of him but failing to see more than a silhouette of a man.

That chuckle escaped him, that hot brush of air causing her to straighten immediately as he moved around her, that hardly got any easier. "There is nothing wrong with a lack of sanity.." She meant it. That information about the flu drew a snort of a laugh from her. "This is why women are built for child birth and sick men are just for practice." That amusement could hardly alleviate, that tease nothing short of truthful.

"I take it you don't handle hangovers too well do you?" A smile lingered for a moment, willing to enjoy that last pleasant moment before that shirt was removed reluctantly from her figure. That hiss off a curse easily falling from her. Harley had a lot more where that came from but as she returned to her straightened position she couldn't help but feel relieved it was over.. well... at least this part.

"Hardest part over, right?" But as she regained her own composure she noticed his eyes were hardly lingering upon her face, those wandering silvery eyes shifting downward to her body and it certainly wasn't in examination of those wounds. That look upon his features was nothing short of one full of a sheepish delight that made him almost seemed boyish. She rolling her eyes, even then she couldn't stop that smile she concealed by shooing him away with her good arm.

He positioned his body once more behind her, that artful dance he toed with practiced ease that conversation shifted to that challenging hypothetical, Harley had originally thought was so simple. Until he elaborated, her mind focused and dissecting apart that very situation almost genuinely. What would she do if given that power, that choice? Those fingers, despite being so terribly gentle still jerked her out of those thoughts, anticipating the searing pain. It came for but a moment, flaring and yet retreating as that flesh obediently began to stitch itself back together. Just as he had promised those wounds obediently healed as she faced that very choice he posed her. A gentle frown so stitched her brow, all before realizing it was an impossible choice. no matter which one he so chose. How maddening. Only wanting to do the right thing when there truly was no right choice. His hands, warm against her exposed creamy flesh then especially when that sensitive spot above her belly button began to stich itself back together. She became to squirm, the woman not above being ticklish it would seem... She tried to settle beneath his hands that held her in place, attempting to focus on anything else. She drew in a sharp breath before finding some strength to formulate that response, her body voluntarily surrendering to him as she did. Those wounds were healed and for a moment, he simply stood there for what seemed like forever, hardly rushing that very crucial response.

That response sounded profound as that realization that it was a choice he had once faced made it sobering. "I don't know why, but I feel like I should be disturbed that this comforts me." She uttered with a mirrored softness, it was still a life.. after all.. the world may have been handled her with nothing but cruel hands but she was no monster. That sudden declaration that he was finished all but surprising. Examining as much of her body she could, testing it as though she couldn't quite believe she could be healed with such ease. He made a show of it with that bow, that caused a gentle tug of her lips, shaking her head softly.

He didn't have to tell her twice to shower, she couldn't wait to wash those bitter memories wash away down the drain. Even as they so stubbornly clung to her flesh now, it was nothing that water couldn't whisk away. "Late? If you look at the clock, most would consider it to be late, unless you're a vampire.. then its just happy hour." That iconic humour kissed her words, she felt so much more like herself. She felt better than she had in days that she almost felt.... A sense of rare giddiness wash over her. In an almost plucky fashion she suddenly declared she had something prepared, she didn't need future sight to know he was probably right in that. Slipping with her usual ease into her kitchen with an increased confidence within her foot falls than ever before. She would not take that for granted, not ever again. She savoured that rare look of surprise upon his face then, her vibrant gaze near glowing with rejuvenation then. Harley soon returned back offering those chocolates and yet he assured her it was a joint effort. Was Matteo truly that generous he wished to share his spoils. She was not going to deny such a thing because those chocolately morsels looked..... irresistible. Her body seeming to crave more of that sugar and caffeine, despite how miniscule it was.

"I could agree to this." As he offered that box of chocolates to her, plucking one with a neat golden painted swirl on the top before popping it in her mouth. He didn't have to ask her twice, damn.. that chocolate near melted in her mouth as that caramel blended within that rich buttery chocolatey taste. The raven-haired spitfire allowed her eyes to flutter shut as she... so savoured that rich taste. It was his words that saw to those eyelids to snap open once again, her sharpened gaze snapped onto his own. While she couldn't seem to argue it, it still filled her with a certain defiance while she tipped her head slightly before those eyes rolled.

"Why am I not surprised that you've had a woman in her bra offering you chocolates.. I think we better stick with one aphrodisiac for tonight." That sharp sarcasm slicing through her words then and yet her mind flashed to that very scene he so depicted and she startled, like an electrical shock snapped upon her skin down her spine. She all but huffed at him, before he leaned in to offered her a stolen sweet kiss upon her cheeks. That fleeting look of surprise overtaking those lips, the woman attempting not to show the least bit flustered. She straightened a bit, allowing her hands to run along her body as if she were straightening out her shirt that clearly wasn't there. A little habit that clearly could not be shaken, even shirtless. Those French lyrics offered her that thanks as he lingered there for but a moment. His presence toying with her head before he pulled back, she so crossed her arms over her chest then when he pulled away.

"Don't mention it. You would be surprised, they don't make a card for thanks for not getting me paralyzed.. so I had to get creative." She was quite pleased with herself for a moment, truly looking like the cat who got the cream.

Unaffected as usual, he casually plucks another chocolate, easily tossing it into his mouth before gesturing toward that bathroom. "Hell after the days I've had I need it.." If only to feel new again and to wash away that random flustered feeling that so assaulted her, she swore she might even blush. She needed clothes on stat, clearly lack of them seemed to mess with her head and yet she wasn't quite sure if that was her feeble excuse. "Our ride?" She questioned. Of course, he had this planned already. Yet that wasn't the part that had her mind occupied.. it was the last bit.. What if she did... What if she just... She was out of her mind. Get her half naked and pumped full of delicious foods and fuck... aphrodisiacs DO work. Did they work that quickly? She never paused to consider this. A strange look soon crossed her face as that internal dialog ran rampant in her mind. Stupid chocolate. Stupid delicious chocolate and wonderfully smelling man. Why the hell was it whenever he was in the room she seemed to make questionable decisions? No... what if.. maybe. She seemed to consider that very offer for assistance. She paused dead in her tracks as though she was about to turn away or perhaps even admit to what she was even considering in her mind. "If I did need some help, then we definitely would be late. If your ride is impatient now, they are going to be livid then." God, he was so infuriating.. with his scent and the way that he so easily toys with her. Yet she didn't quite say no... nor did she say yes either. What was her problem? She suffered no fools and here she was playing the damn jester.

He was good, really good. She seemed to stay cemented in place as though her mind and body were quarrelling with one another. It wasn't that hard, just turn and leave. From whatever will she scraped up from the ashes of those last few days, she turned, hesitation lingering within her form as he chuckled. That god damn sound that she could feel into her toes as he mentioned to wear that jacket that suddenly appeared within his offered hands. She met the silvery depths of his eyes in a good old fashion glare as that puzzled expression seemed to seep in. She opened her lips to utter a slew of whatever threatened to leave her silver peaked tongue before she snatched it, wordlessly. Once within her hands she could see that logo. What the hell.. She studied that logo... She knew it. He had to be kidding her.

"Another vampire bar?" She questioned while laced with a groan, raising a brow sharply. "If you get me killed I'll be pissed." That mention of war lingering within the air and for a moment she simply gawks at him for a moment.

"Damn, you know just what to say to say to this girl... I'm in. But if I die.. or get bitten again.. I am going to haunt your ass." Knowing him.. he just might like that. She plucks another chocolate from the open box, raising a brow at him, while a smile spread across her lips. She began to walk off toward her room where her bathroom lay inside. She stops within that door way her hand upon that entrance of the door when she turned just enough to peer at him.

"You are the most puzzling man on the planet. You won't give me a rocket launcher.. but you will drag me along to start a war.. You'll take me to bed and you tell me a story. Oh and I guess you can make yourself at home while you play with yourself." She snickered at that last comment, not caring if she laughed at her own double entendre. How easy it was to fall back into those new habits they seemed to make. Although, it was clear the fae had already made himself at home already. For every step she took at understanding that fairy, he went and surprised her. Perhaps she might never understand it or his motives and yet for some fucked up reason she decided to trust him. She thought she might need a cold shower but instead she settled for hot and steamy. For as cold as she felt this was exactly what she needed. The shower was utter perfection. It soothed her body and cleansed all trace of those memories from her skin. It was remarkable how much Matteo's hands had healed away, she took her time feeling where they once were. Not a single trace. If only showers worked for minds too, she pondered lathering that soap upon her skin, leaving a pleasant scent of citrus. Closing her eyes as she shampooed her hair, ridding herself of the blood and grime. The lazy cat within her wanted to soak this in for at least an hour, just relish in the sensation of the water upon her skin, the luxurious heat.

She moved quickly enough, semi drying her hair and putting some effort into her appearance, including some make up. She wore form fitting black jeans, functional and comfortable, that perhaps fit slightly looser than they had a few days ago. Maybe there was some irony in the shirt she chose, as she often preferred. Maybe that joke was still a little too soon to make and yet... A grey top with black gemstone bold writing that said 'Bite me'. She dried her long raven locks until it was mostly dry, the rest of it would dry on the way there she was sure. It hardly took her any time at all considering some women took hours primping themselves. "I cant believe I am doing this.." peering into the mirror to assess her appearance quickly, muttering those words to herself before sliding that jacket on, leaving it unzipped at the front to expose that fitted shirt for all its glory.

"Prepare yourself. For one functioning kinda human woman.." She said before bursting through that door, far more put together than the mess that first walked into that apartment.

Harley Westward