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so look me in the eyes, tell me what you see

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Matteo Devereux


It's tough to be a god

It was a truly delicate game to play, even when he knew those very steps so well and danced so precariously upon that dangerously thin line between that teasing flirtation and that wholly genuine desire. Ah, but how he should surely chastise himself for those very thoughts! The woman before him in no condition to meet him evenly on that veritable playing field tonight. Not with her body so damaged as it was and her mind and spirit equally as battered. Yet, he could so hardly deny that she was....lovely. That bloodied facade near suiting her if only for that determined, reckless spirit that existed beneath. How unfortunate there was so very much to do tonight. Perhaps, had they more time, he might surely have seen how much it might take to snap those fragile threads of her control he was all-too aware off and yet she wielded so temptingly close to the surface. That near ancient Fae so allowed those thoughts, for now, to press further back within his mind as he offered that assistance for her wound. That food, no matter how good, could still not replace that need for her body to heel. That vampiric bite wound by far the most concerning. Even without that venom, Darcy's fangs were far larger and more deadly than most. Harley's lack of healing sure to have resulted in the infection the Frenchman was loath to allow to persist. He had so surely failed to rid Risque of that infection of corruption all those years ago, yet he so refused to allow her to taint another when he held within his hands the ability to reverse that damage. Even if it embarrassed Harley to require that assistance at all.

It was a simple thing to take up that position behind her and allow his fingers to gently grasp at the hem of her shirt, Matteo careful to slid that shirt upward with that same gentle ease in an effort to spare her wounds and bruises any further pain. His efforts at distraction, this time, interwoven within that tale off his abilities he had promised her. How readily her body so seemed to relax within his hands in those moments in which her mind was turned away from thoughts of that pain and given instead to consider those hypotheticals. Those impossible choices that governed his world and robbed him of his own joy in the world so often. How very...cruel that world could be at time. How surely Harley knew it in turn. To be given a choice to make a difference in the life of one being- if only at the expense of another. Someone, it seemed, need always pay that price to balance out the checks and balances of the world once more. Yet why....why need he be the one to do it? How perfectly wicked he had surely been in a past life to suffer such a punishment now. To be judge, jury and executioner over the lives of others he had no right to be involved in at all. How cruel a Mistress that Fate truly was. Fate itself his very own 'Risque'. One he could not escape so easily.

Matteo made every effort, in that moment, to answer those questions that rose to Harley's own lips. The young woman deserving of those answers he so often kept from her. After all, he had promised to explain that power. The Frenchman nothing if not good to his word. His own features frowned near softly at that....concern within his voice. Alexander so surely the last to display any true worry for his well being and yet he could so hardly deny a...pleasantness, of sorts, in the notion that raven-haired spitfire within his arms might hold some level of care for him. Even as he attempted to dissuade her worries with the assurance those very seizures of visions so hardly afflicted him very often any longer. That question of that alcohol was answered with that same honesty. Matteo hardly ashamed to admit he had used that drink far more often and with far more vigor then most in some effort to rob himself oss his own visions in some desperate bid for peace from the world. Surely, with that life she had lived, Harley herself understood that very sentiment? How very....glorious it was, every now and then, to forget the world entirely. That silence persisted for barely a moment before that young woman insisted that anyone who had not desired to rob themselves of feeling, even once, was lying. Harley near sheepishly admitting the last time she had said those words she remembered very little after it. Matteo unable to prevent that warm chuckle at that very admittance. The both of them wholly guilty, it seemed, off enjoying that alcohol a little to much.

"That is nothing to be ashamed off. I have some entire weeks I do not remember, Mon Cherie."

That warm brush of air upon her neck readily seemed to prompt the girl to near straighten within his arms, Matteo allowing one eye to lift in distinct amusement at that very reaction and yet, for now, he said nothing of it. His mind once more teasing with that very idea of what other reactions he might coax for her feminine figure if given the chance to allow his hands to explore more then the smooth skin of her shoulder and hip. Her very query of his sanity was one he had considered far to many times before and yet, if she questioned how he stayed sane then he was, in the very least, appearing to others in some state of normalcy. What a pleasing thought. Harley herself insistent there was nothing wrong with a little insanity and that sick men were merely a womans practice for that role of motherhood. That very comment so coaxing that warm, genuine laugh from him then.

"Ah, but of you ever have children one day, I shall appear at your bedside in the midst of that birth to tell you that you were surely built for this. I look forward to seeing your expression then."

He shifted then to stand before her, that shirt bunched up beneath her arms, that hard part now requiring her to lift her arms entirely and so surely inflame that already irritated angry bite wound that marked her shoulder. A simper tugging at his lips as he began to lift.

"I am, how you say in English, abysmal, at hangovers."

That, he was sure, was nothing short of the truth. Matteo moving to finally remove that shirt from her figure entirely amongst the hiss and curse that fell from her lips. Harley struggling, bravely, to maintain her composure. The woman having done entirely well and yet, for now, the man was entirely and unashamedly content to appreciatively eye those more feminine parts of her figure. That soft swell of her chest nothing short of exquisite- his gaze lifting to meet her own with that sudden near sheepish, boyish insistence her eyes were surely what he had been admiring all along. Harley, this time, shooing him away good naturedly as he returned to that position behind her. His attention, this time, fully upon that wound. Darcy's teeth having all but ravaged that flesh. The very sight of that wound prompting that near pang of....guilt within himself. An emotion he cast aside for now if only to continue with that story he had started earlier. His very warning that the healing sensation of his own affinity would feel 'strange' hardly seemed to have prepared the woman entirely. Harley squirming beneath his hands even despite her near valiant efforts to remain still, Matteo gently increasing the firmness of his hold as Harley drew in that steadying breath. Her very figure seeming to surrender to him entirely then to allow him to finish that work. Harley offering a far....wiser response to his own tale then he had perhaps anticipated. That young woman, despite her youth, so displaying a distinctly.....impressive understanding of sorts. How very intriguing she was in far more ways than one. Matteo's own words, when they came, a soft utterance that he too had made that same choice long ago.

"We have, I think, similar values, you and I. I do not think that should disturb you to much."

It was an effort, albeit small, to take but some of that sombreness from the moment. His declaration he was finished seeming to both delight and thrill her all at once as he stepped away to allow her to examine her newly healed skin. Much of the woman's usual nature seeming to return all at once. That sharpness of wit and vibrant violet of her gaze adding to that very glow of life that seemed to have returned to her. Matteo nothing if not satisfied with his work as Harley sudden announced she had prepared something for him- only to cross that kitchen and return with that box of chocolate. A treat he was, this time, all to willing to share as he took that box from her and offered her one in return. Those sweets decidedly good. How well she had chosen. The bite of chocolate seeming to return her sarcasm to its usual glory. Matteo insisting that a shirtless woman and chocolate was nothing short of pleasing even if they lacked that wine and fireplace. Harley evidently not surprised at that admittance. How easy it was to lean forward then and place that singular affectionate, chaste kiss upon her cheek in thanks. Harley abruptly straightening once more before attempting to straighten her non existent shirt. Matteo merely allowing both eyes to lift one more as that amusement tugged at his features. The Frenchman, for now, commenting upon it no further even if that look of amusement hardly faded. How unfortunate they had so much to do tonight. How very much he might have enjoyed lingering with Harley in her current state of undress. Even as she insisted she had to make do with a lesser card for his efforts in preventing her impending paralysis.

"I look forward to seeing it."

Another chocolate was easily tossed between his lips. Matteo gesturing to that bathroom once more if only for his assurance their ride grew more impatient by the minute and that shower would surely do her good. That offer to assist her within the warm water hanging within the air between them. Harley seeming to falter for but the slightest of moments. Matteo's silver gaze, this time, resting wholly upon her own. Just how far would she so be willing to allow him to go tonight? That potent question seeming to hang precariously between them, balanced upon hat proverbial knife's edge and he simply....waited for her to make that very choice on just what she might desire from him tonight. Harley so at last insisting that they would surely be late, that their ride would only be more livid. Her answer neither a yes or a no but somewhere in between. The young woman finally seeming to summon that decision within herself, that turn, full of hesitation though it was, at last seeing her stroll away from him. At least for tonight.


That accented utterance of her name easily found that otherwise silent air. Matteo waiting only so long as it took the woman to glance back toward him.

"You turned away this time, Mon Cherie."

One eye rose neatly upward in that unspoken tease. Matteo remember well that night within her bed in which she had insisted it was he whom always pulled away. Those tables turned tonight, it would seem and yet with all that lay before them this very evening perhaps that lack of distraction was wholly wise. That jacket was summoned to his hand in near the same moment. That emblazoned logo for Blue Moon catching her eye, the thought of another vampire bar hardly seeming to thrill her. If only she knew the truth of where he intended to take her. That utterance of war in the very least seeming to engage the fighting spirit as he had anticipated it would. His eyes rolled playfully at her thetrics as she snatched that jacket.

"I have a good deal many beings haunting my ass, you can befriend them. For what it is worth though, you will not get bitten or die tonight."

Harley turned to walk away then. Matteo's own thoughts shifted to those final preparations that surely needed to be made only for Harley steal another chocolate, the Frenchman offering her a near reproachful look before the woman paused in the doorway once more to declare him baffling. Her very description tugging that simper to his features before she assured him he need make himself comfortable while he played with himself. That genuine look of surprise so abruptly found his features. Matteo, for that singular moment, caught off guard by her own boldness. The layers within those words hardly missed. The Frenchman momentarily unable to summon that sudden reply as she disappeared into the bathroom to leave him with that stunned expression. What a devil of a woman! How readily that laughter found him then. That ready sound humming within hic chest as that water turned on and matteo rose from the couch.


That equine materialized not a moment later upon that living room floor. That near judgemental look in the creatures dark eyes so coaxing that huff from the Fae's own.

"You, Mon Amie, are a bossy creature. We are on time. I promised you we would be no? Let me assure we have everything."

Darius' tail flicked lightly at his flanks. The black Barb stallion remaining still as Matteo reached for the first of those saddle bags. The man assuring himself they were packed with those things he needed. He had resisted this very endeavour long and yet those injuries to his son were unforgivable. That damage to Harley in turn that veritable tipping point. Risque would pay for what she had done, that price surely not high enough and yet to bring but even an ounce of suffering to that woman would satisfy him- for now. Those thoughts continued to turn within his mind as he further adjusted thated saddle. The sound of Harley finishing her shower and moving about within her bedroom an idle afterthought until that bedroom door was swung open to reveal his companion once more. Matteo turning to eye that shirt and its printed words with a clear curiosity. Hmm. Someone had regained her fighting spirit it seemed. That small hint of satisfaction at the very notion settled within himself before he followed the woman's gaze to the horse that stood within her very kitchen.

"This is Darius, he is the ride I mentioned. He is still feeling a little irritable but I am mostly sure he will not bite you- despite the very challenge your shirt presents."

Harley, he knew, would recognise a fellow Were when she saw one. Darius, for his part, inclined to turn his head to eye that very shirt, his teeth crunching agianst the bit almost contemplatively before he glanced away and he eased his weight onto three legs in a clear lack of care for this new woman.

"You will have to forgive him, he is not much inclined to talk. We are working on it as part of his rehabilitation. I fear though we have little time to further discuss his peculiar nature."

His own affinity to rapidly seized his, Matteo disappearing only to appear abruptly upon the back of Darius in turn. The stallion, clearly used to his very behaviour, offered little more than a shake of his head as matteo gathered up those reins smoothly. Several thousand years upon the back of a horse so seeing the Fae nothing short of decidedly comfortable in that very position. His hand so suddenly held out to Harley. The very look upon the womans face coaxing that clear amusement to his own.

"Mon Cherie, this is hardly the strangest thing you will ever see in your life. It might be the strangest thing for tonight, but in time, something else will surely outdo it. I suggest you embrace the notion of a Fairy is telling you to get on the horse in your kitchen. That is, if you fancy some revenge for the past few nights you suffered."

One eye so merely lifted once more, that very question so hanging in the air as his hand remained outstretched, the decision for Harley to take it so entirely her own. Yet, Matteo quote found he anticipated nothing less. The woman's hand meeting his own a moment later as he hoisted her smoothly up and onto Darius's back, her arms wrapping easily about his waist. Ah, but it had been far to long since he had shared a horse with a woman! Such thoughts, for now, were easily dismissed. Matteo's heels lightly finding the stallions sides and sending him forward into that trot that lasted no more than a stride or two before Darius swung into that canter as if he truly intended to run them right into the kitchen wall. Darius' own affinity embraced them in that last moment, the trio abruptly disappearing from in that kitchen only to reappear upon a quiet, dark road upon the other side of the city. Darius hooves rung out agianst that road surface in a rhythmic beat as Matteo eased him back to that trot once more.The trio passing smoothly unseen beneath those streetlights. The black stallion blending effortlessly with the darkness. The low, deep thrum of music readily beginning to make itself heard over the night air. The near stiffening of the woman behind him so ensuring she had realised so exactly where they were. Syn itself so lingering before them.

"Do you know, before the rise of vampires, we Fae were considered to have the most showmanship when it came to being dramatic. I think I would like to earn back my title, but-"

The Frenchman sat back within that saddle, Darius slowing to a walk as Matteo turned back his head to eye the woman behind him as best he could.

"-I will not ask you to go back in there with me if you cannot, Mon Cherie. There is no shame in that. If you would rather wait outside you only need say so. Risque.....hurt something that I love very much, Darcy hurt something I am quite fond of in turn. It is my turn to hurt something of theirs but I will not make you if you cannot. The choice is yours. I do have a plan though- and I think you might rather enjoy it. I promise too- no harm will come to you tonight. That I know."