Raven Talbot Cain

Raven  Cain
Face Claim: Alex Kingston

General Stats

Name: Raven Talbot Cain
Nickname: Birdie
Birthdate: December 03, 1989 A.D.
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: American
Hair Color: Light Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'4
Residence: Noah's Ark
Nightshade: Pack Member
Noah's Ark: Manager


Species: Were
Animal: Wolf
Date of Change: December 01, 1989 A.D.

Relationship Status

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: Single


Tobias Cain Husband


Being born a werewolf in one of the oldest packs didn't make her life any easier. As a member of the Talbot Family she was raised and treated to become the betters in the human and werewolf community. As a child she was brought up to be proper, polite, and carry on the tradition and needs to continue to increase the establishment of her family and pack’s business. But tragedy struck when her Mother died and her Father turned into a drunk alcoholic. Still a child, she was abused and neglected, her Father dragged her down behind him, leaving behind every good thing she was promised based on blood. Suffering the abuse it caused her to have a difficult time trusting others, especially when it came to males. The emotional and mental abuse she received in both human and shifted form, caused her mind to begin to fall-apart into the predator mindset of fight or flight. While in shifted form, her feral mind slowly comes forward and the basic needs or hunted down. There are times, she can think like a human, but after the first 12 hours, she slowly starts to fall deeper into the predator mind. There are times when she is capable of remembering, but if she does not change back to human after the first 12 hours then her feral mind only increases. After being stuck in her feral state of mind, once she shifts back to human, she will remember everything. Part of keeping her mind intact is to communicate with others, which is where the telepathy when shifted comes to play. By no means is her power and weakness an equal balance to one another. After the death of her Father, by her own hands, she received part of the family and pack fortune once she returned. Unable to continue being with a pack due to her struggles of trusting others, she left and began to attempt to find herself in this city.



Mind communication with other individuals.

Size Manipulation

Size may fluctuate three times of her original size.

Weakness Discovery

Has the ability to discover what others weaknesses are.


The ability to move objects with her mind.

Shadow Armor

Allows her to create armor around herself or others around her via shadows.


Feral Mind Becomes feral for a short period of time when shifted.
Enhanced Empathy May become aware of and experience, to a lesser degree, others strong emotions.
Feral Control Anyone she is "bound" to may induce her feral state and control her during this state.
Martyr Feels a strong compulsion to place herself in harms way in order to spare others.
Prolonged Healing She experiences a prolonged healing process which often does not allow wounds to heal properly.


426 Total Points

Character Timeline